Alleged Audio Recording Of TB Joshua Bribing Journalists Uncovered


An audio recording has surfaced of TB Joshua allegedly telling reporters how to frame the building collapse story after offering them N50,000.

Investigative Reporter Nicholas Ibekwe released the audio tape some minutes ago of TB Joshua allegedly telling reporters he has N50,000 each for them so they can use it to fuel their cars.

He said last Sunday, he was the only journalist who turned down the TB Joshua’s N50,000 bribe.

That Nigerian journalists habitually collect money at press conferences and events. They call it “brown envelop” but he calls it bribe!

According to Nicholas, reporting of the building collapse in the Nigerian media has been too kind on TB Joshua so he wondered if it could be because of the cash he doles out daily to reporters. Also in the audio, you will hear T.B Joshua ask the reporters – “So, what are you going to write now?“” after offering them the N50,000 for fuel. The reporters answered him: “What you have just said”.

Nicholas added that he was at the Synagogue on Sunday when Gov. Fashola visited and instead of denouncing him publicly, Fashola held a closed door meeting with TB Joshua. That where in any civilized country would a governor avoid reporters on his first visit to the site of a major disaster?

By ordering his goons to attack first responders and keeping them off the site for 51 hours, Nicholas says Prophet T.B Joshua should be charged for murder.


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