7 Things You Must Do on The Morning of Your Wedding Day

pregnancy-weight-gainHere are a few things every bride must do on the morning of her wedding day to help her make it through the day with ease.

#1. Eat properly
First things first! “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be missed”- we all have heard it a million times, but still fail to follow it. Especially on the day of your wedding, you need all the energy you can get to make it comfortably through the day.

So, avoid missing your meal amongst all the wedding preparations and have a well-balanced and filling breakfast. Avoid too much fried and oily foods, as they tend to make you feel tired and lethargic. If nothing el

se, then drink a glass of milk and have a bowl of fruits

#2. Prioritise
One of the most important things is to prioritise your duties for the day. Make a list of things you need to do and get done. Start your day early or plan in advance. Re-confirm your parlour appointment and reach there on time.

Delegate work to your best friends, siblings and other family members and make your life simpler. It is easy to forget a few things when you have hundreds of them on your mind. Making lists and prioritising will help you cope with that.

#3. Assign someone for your wedding wear
As you will be busy with the pre-wedding functions like that of haldi, you should take help from your best friends or siblings to pack your wedding wear and all the accessories before you leave for your parlour appointment. This would ease your burden and stres.

Just make sure that they know what all things you need to carry with you, from outfit and jewellery to accessories and shoes. And, we are sure they will happily get everything in order without you having to worrying about it!

#4. Recheck your luggages
It is very normal to forget the most important of things while packing amongst all the wedding preparations. So on your wedding day, take out some time and recheck your luggage, including your honeymoon bag.

You don’t want to reach your new home and realise that you forgot to pack your nightwear or your specs or something as important! It is best to assign a friend or your sister the responsibility of handling your bags, and making sure that they reach your in-law’s place safely.

#5. Charge your phone
For your peace of mind, and of others around you, just put your phone on charging as soon as you wake up. For modern brides, their phones are at times their best friends, and it is rightly so. It will help you coordinate with everyone.

There might be anyone from your photographer to your fiancé calling in to check on some detail, or there might be some important numbers stored in your phone that you would need during the day. So, keep the phone charged.

#6. Stay hydrated
The last thing you would want to happen on the day of your wedding, is to get dehydrated or fall sick. Be safe than sorry and keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the day.

Have lots of water, fresh fruit juices, lemon water or coconut water. It will keep you fresh and glowing for the evening as well.

#7. Relax
Everyone has their own way to find peace within and around themselves. All the wedding preparations and high levels of anticipation can give you goosebumps and increase your stress levels. Before or after the pre-wedding rituals or in between them, take some time to free your mind of everything else.

Take a warm water bath or sit in your favourite spot of the house alone for a few minutes. As you are on the way to the parlour listen to some soothing music or meditate. Well, to each his own! But take out that one hour out of those hectic 24 hours, just to relax!

In the end, enjoy being the centre of attention. It is your day, so make the best of it!

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