5 Facts About Cellulite You Should Know

6f43b5263fbba79c5962514b85d34738_XLIt can not be told with words how
annoying cellulite may be. The pity thing is that cellulite has become nearly inevitable part of women’s life. This pesky skin form may appear at anyone’s skin: it happens because of collagen fibers which bind fat to the skin stretch and tear, that allows fat cells to expand.

If you want to know more about your body and cellulite, if would like to find out how to get rid this kind of annoying marks read the information below.

1. Cellulite And Fat Are Different
Don’t get these two things confused: Cellulite can be defined as the bumps and dimples that you can see when fat is divided into small pockets in the skin.

2. Can Men Have Cellulite?
It may seem really unfair, but women’s skin collagen is placed in parallel rows that look like pillars. It makes possible the compartmentalization of fat and cellulite becomes visible. Men’s collagen unlike female’s is set in an X-pattern. This creates only tiny fat compartments and prevents dimpling of the skin

3. OTC Creams May Be Helpful
Be on guard for products that contain caffeine or retinol: the first one can be stimulating for the blood flow and will reduce fat cells for some time, while retinol will be helpful for the recovery of cells over time. According to experts a cream with retinol should be applied first before one with caffeine.

4. Losing Weight Doesn’t Mean That You Get Rid of Cellulite
It’s a fact that more body fat increases your chances to have visible cellulite. But even if you lose weight, the tissue will remain stretched and damaged. Your cellulite amount depends on inflammations, genes and hormonal imbalances, so even when you lose a ton of pounds, you’ll not completely eliminate the stuff

5. UV Rays Have Negative Impact on The Appearance of Cellulite
Another reason to use sun cream religiously: collagen can be damaged by UV rays and cellulite will become more noticeable. Keep in mind to slather on SPF.



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