Woman Leaves Kid In Car, Passes Out Drunk At Bar


A Connecticut mom faces child neglect charges after she allegedly left her toddler in her car while she went to a bar.

Witnesses said that Kelsey James, 22, was already drunk when she arrived at City Sports Grill in Bristol on Friday. The bartender refused to serve the woman. Staff decided to keep an eye on her.

“I was talking to her a little bit, went and grabbed her a water, told her to stay there and I came back and she was gone,” Courtney Lausier, a server at the bar, told NBC Connecticut.

Employees called police after they saw James allegedly try to break into a car that wasn’t hers. Staff said they were amazed she was able to drive to the bar in that state of inebriation without getting in an accident.

Cops found James asleep in the bar, “intoxicated and incapacitated.”

James was taken to a hospital for evaluation, where she awoke hours later. She wanted to know where her daughter was.

It turns out that the 2-year-old was left in James’ car, where she had spent the night sleeping. The little girl was briefly taken into Department of Children and Families custody, but is now in the care of a relative.

Neighbors told WFSB that James is a “wonderful young girl” and a good mom.

She faces charges of risk of injury and leaving a child unsupervised in a vehicle.


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