Toni Payne: “It’s Not Advisable To Stand By A Broke Man”


This is one of those weird case scenarios where you aren’t sure if you should take her advice or not, I mean after all, she is a victim of a short lived failed marriage.

Anyways, according to the outspoken socialite, she was depressed after she read  mail from a fan yesterday.

Toni Payne came online to warn ladies to avoid dating broke men.

She says luckily for her she’s now wise enough to know dating broke guys aren’t the best.

According to her tweets, it seems the lady in question helped a guy through school, and the guy later dumped her when he graduated and got a job, saying she isn’t the best for him.

Her tweets below: –



  1. Only lazy guys ill dear to collect a dine from their babe, but to hell with any lady that doesn’t stand by me when its hot, surly she can’t be there when its cold.


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