Road Transport Employers To build 185,000 Houses For Members

Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) has decided to construct at least 185,000 units of houses across Nigeria within a year.

The association said it had already worked out the funding for the project, which is expected to be undertaken through direct labour within 365 days from the date of take off.

The landmark project, which is estimated at $1.5 billion, is to be executed in collaboration with two foreign firms, Havit Incorporated of the United States of America and JS Neoplans, working with Artemis Angels Global Limited.

Already, officials of the foreign firms had visited Nigeria and signed the necessary legal documents for the take-off of the project, which would provide direct jobs for 1,000 Nigerian contractors and 5,000 artisans.

The joint project will also enable RTEAN to secure 4,000 Nigerian assembled vehicles for members of the association in a bold move to empower them and stem the tide of joblessness among the group.

The joint statement formally announcing the deal was signed by Rig Vincent, President of the Havit Inc and Tony Adepoju, on behalf of JS Neoplans and Artemis Angels Global Limited.

Nigeria currently has a housing deficit of 17 million, ten percent of which is being felt in Abuja, the nation’s capital, where houses sell like gold.

Where houses are available in Abuja at all, they are too pricey for the middle class and the low income groups, thereby making them a preserve of the rich, influential and powerful in the country.

The project by RTEAN, a major player in the transports sub-sector in Nigeria, is therefore expected to help address the housing needs of the country’s middle class.


  1. Dis rtean of a group,am not sure is well organised,all dis u’ve been posting was jst a frame,y dis. So callled the national president will collect bribe of over #10,000000 4rm one mallam and imposed him as the state chairman in lagos,of which dis mallam av been destroying lagos all becos he collected bribe 4rm some groups and started disorganising each packs in lagos state.pls i mplore dis group 2 find something doing on dis issue b4 things start getting worst,some groups are racing alarm now that dey will start killing each other bcos of this mallam musa.pls and pls we need solution about this issue.thank


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