President Obama daughter, Malia is all grown up, attends Lollapaloozafestival under strict watch

Malia Obama looked like any other festival-goer this weekend in a summery skirt and top teamed with heavy boots, perfect for muddy fields

President Obama first daughter Malia is all grown up… Yeah! Malia Obama was spotted attending music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend.
President Obama’s eldest daughter, who recently celebrated her 16th birthday, was attending the gig with friends – and a few burly Secret Service members on Sunday. The teenager attempted to blend in with the crowd in a summery daisy-print skirt and top and some grungy boots suited for the muddy field – but failed to do so because the secret service men can’t stay far away from her lolz…. even though they tried to make it look like she was free to mingle with friends.

Tweets from some who got close to her confirmed that she was actually under some strict watch and limitation rules. Sorry guys you can get close but can’t touch oopps!

Check out some photos at the event and notice the presence of secret service men at close range… She had fun at the Lollapalooza, i guess that’s what matters right? #WINKS

First daughter Malia Obama, who recently turned 16, had fun with friends this weekend at music festival Lollapalooza in ChicagoExcited music fans took to Twitter after spotting the first daughter trying to blend in with the crowd at the music festival this weekend in Grant Park, ChicagoOne disappointed fan tweeted this message after seeing the 16-year-old hanging out with friends at Lollapalooza
Fans walk by the Lollapalooza sign in Chicago's Grant Park on Saturday where members of the audience were excited to see Malia Obama watching bands Fans listen to Manchester Orchestra on Saturday on the second day of Lollapalooza in Chicago. Around 300,000 people attended the three-day eventThe teen did her best to blend in with other young people a the all-day music event but her whereabouts were eventually outed on TwitterThe 16-year-old (pictured center here) surrounded by other teens appears to be having a fun-packed summer while on vacation from her private DC schoolThe music-loving 16-year-old was ready for the muddy turf at the all-day gig in a pair of sturdy boots. A burly Secret Service agent can also be seen to her left



  1. Simple dress.I love the family of abama.long live malia,long live obama.the must diplomatic presdent in the world.just like Solomon in the bible.

  2. Once you cross over into the government house, you sieze being common. Who watches over others in the crowd? We are naked to all kinds of assualts but God defends the poor and powerless.

  3. The teen deserves such protection, please. Everywhere, there’s some terrible weirdness lurking in some seemingly humanlike creatures; but are bestial, & may have some strange fantasies. Our own leaders, even Ward levels don’t even allow their ugly children mix up. Everything’s ugly around our leadership, & I keep wondering why a grand beauty of a country, such as ours, should bear such ugliness!

  4. Malia Obama is such a simple Damsel. It’s unthinkable that she can appear in such a simple dress no diamond or emeralds on her body.what a perfect role model to every girls because in the real sense, she’s the First Girl of the World since her Father is President of the World. Nigerian Babes should emulate from her simplicity.

  5. Malia, you are beautiful and kind. God bless you and your family, I would have like to see some one like you one on one but your world is apart!. Let it be the day we shall meet in paradise thanks


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