Photos: Saudi tourist flies into London with a Gold Range Rover worth£150,000 with a 666 number plate

We're used to seeing this off-roader in black, never gold



  1. Satanic muslems of 666.little did america no that after the schooling of osamabine ladine he ll bomb america.exampls of other countries.

  2. Eze u r a great fool nd a disgrace 2 u nd ur entire God forsaking family Dats if u even have 1 cz d way u speak about muslims it’s like u were born in a beer parlour nd don’t knw ur father Dats y u hav no regards 4 ur mother tlk of d 1 nd only religion on earth stupid fool u will definitely die a pathetic death in poverty cz d only meaning I cn read 2 dis ur comment is a person suffering frm extreme poverty,illiteracy, nd lack of exposure

  3. A decadent world produces decadent and rebellious people. As you can see, the beginning of the end is dawning


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