Newlyweds get shock of their lives from childhood holiday pic…you will never guess why

When Nick Wheeler was 6 years old, he and his his sister and cousins enjoyed a day out on the beach with their granddad, who took the pic above. Behind Nick and his family, is a young girl, happily building a sandcastle with her dad and sister. She is 5 year old Aimee Maiden.

The boy and the girl didn’t know each other and didn’t even speak with each other on that day – but 20 years later – guess what? They are now husband and wife.

The couple actually came across the old photo just days before their wedding in Kent, while looking at old family photos at Nick’s granddad’s house. They said they were shocked when they found the photo of them just yards apart on the beach all those years

“The photo was taken by Nick’s grandad. Nick is sitting front-right in the boat with his sister and two cousins and his family – his mum, uncle and nan are to the right and behind them. To the left and behind his cousin I’m in the blue swimsuit with my mum, dad and sister.” Aimee said. Continue…

The picture was taken when Nick’s family traveled from Kent for a holiday in Mousehole, Cornwall, where Aimee grew up. Nick’s family eventually moved to Cornwall and the couple met in secondary school thinking that was the first time that fate brought them together not knowing it was actually 20 years ago.



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