Jonathan Not Stepping Up To War Against Insurgency – Saraki

GEJ-SarakiThe Senate Committee Chairman on Environment and Ecology, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has described President Goodluck Jonathan’s approach to the country’s security challenges as slow.

Saraki, who made this position known in an article in the Foreign Policy Journal on Tuesday, said defeating Boko Haram should start with President Jonathan but that he (the President) was not making use of the personnel at his disposal.

He said, “Today, defeating Boko Haram starts with President Jonathan. Where we are as a country is not the Nigeria of our dreams and surely not the one we want to pass onto future generations.

“Whether from the North or South, (whether) Christian or Muslim, in the ruling party or the opposition party, we want President Jonathan to succeed in this fight.

“Unfortunately, he doesn’t see that and if he does, he hasn’t started to tap into all the human resources at his disposal to assist him. Instead, many feel like accusers rather than part of the Team Nigeria in the war against terrorism”.

The former Kwara State governor, while highlighting the continued violent attacks by the insurgents, noted that the Federal Government appeared to have got nowhere with the rescue operation for the schoolgirls abducted on April 14.

“While many have complained of the incompetence of the Nigerian government and our President’s slow and lacklustre response, these complaints have not brought results. The federal executive branch of the Nigerian government seems to have got nowhere in rescuing the girls, negotiating their release, or punishing their kidnappers.

“Meanwhile, Boko Haram continues to act with impunity, as evidenced by various car bombings, and attacks carried out by the group in four of the country’s six political regions since the kidnapping, resulting in the deaths of over 1,000 people.

“We need a new approach to defeating Boko Haram. First, there should be political cooperation across the numerous aisles of Nigeria’s political divides. Politicians must unite in order to collaborate on comprehensive and concerted strategies. Regardless of region or religion, we all need to work with the central government as Boko Haram is waging a war against the entire country”, he said.

According to Saraki, proper funding and resources are needed for the security services to successfully defeat the terrorists.


  1. Saraki Bukola shld shld bury his head in shame,wot does he knw abt politics and security,he only wnt his voice to be heard,his a weak politician,who does nt knw his right.


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