Boko Haram reportedly ‘beheading’ Christians in Gwoza



According to reports, Boko Haram militants are beheading young men in the Christian community in Gwoza, the Borno town that the insurgent group recently took over and declared an Islamic caliphate.

Sources from the town claim that Christian men who refuse to convert to Islam are being beheaded while the women are being forced into marriages with the insurgents.

“It is quite clear that terrorism has no friend, but it is abundantly clear that the Christians are worst hit. The whole town and the Parish rectory have been occupied by the terrorists. So many structures and items have been vandalized. Dozens have been killed and a lot of church structures have been burnt down. Christians in the town are really in a terrible situation, a moment of great persecution. Christian men were caught and beheaded, the women were forced to become Muslims and were taken as wives to the terrorists.” Rev. Fr. Gideon Obasogie, the social communications director of the catholic diocese of Maiduguri said. Continue…
“It might surprise you to know that no one knows the state of affairs in this terrorist zone. The houses of Christians that have fled are now occupied by the ‘haramists’. Their cars are used by the terrorists,” Rev Obasogie said.

He also said Boko Haram sympathizers in Gwoza showed the militants homes belonging to Christians and even showed them where some of the Christians went to hide when the killing began. They were fished out and killed.


  1. Please, stop telling lies that would cause disunity. How do you know those who are christians or muslims. It seems you are not conversant with boko haram activities. They kill indiscriminately.

  2. @ harusco u need 2 b there & confirm b4 u call someone lier. is it nt part of muslims plan 2 islamise nigeria coming 2 pass bt gather urself 2geda & it shall nt stand; who art thou oh mountain b4 xtians U SHALL BECOME plain. it no more secret hw IBB gave out 21mUSD 2 islamise nigeria! What a wickedness, u succeeded in turkey but bcos of those dat seek God in truth & in spirit in Nigeria ANYBODY THAT IS INVOLVED OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE PLAN, THEIR BLOOD SHALL B USED 4 D ATONEMT OF THIS NATION IN JESUS NAME. Say a louder A M E N

  3. @harusco u must b a mad man to think that u so called nigeria is still one if only u have been to bornu since bokoharam strated u will know that d REV is not fa from 5 truth and he will gain nothing in lieing so mind d way u attact people MR NIGERIA


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