Biodun Okeowo Opens Up On Her Broken Marriage, Virginity and The Man In Her Life


A lot of you might not know Biodun Okeowo, but that is because the fair skinned pretty woman is mostly into producing her own movie.

In a recent interview with Vanguard, she speaks on how she kept her virginity till marriage, how today’s world has changed and people no longer see s*x has a big deal and why she will not run down the father of her two kids who dis-virgined her in the pages of newspapers.

She also disclosed that she has got another man whom she is happy with, just like the father of her kids who has also moved on.

Excerpts below: –

What lessons did you learn from your previous marriage?

My broken marriage was a place of learning to me. It taught me to be a better person and has opened a hidden part of me. Then I was younger but I have learnt that what will be will be, no matter what.


Would you say he was at fault?

Fault, who am I to apportion blames or Judge? God knows best. I thank God we are both doing well in our respective homes.


Any plans of marrying again?

Presently, I’ll like to remain mute on my marital status but the glaring truth is that I’m not single.


What do you mean by saying you are not single?

It simply means I have a man in my life. But what I am not ready to disclose are details about him. I am not single because I am with a man. Please don’t ask me any further question on this. I am a very happy woman in love with a man in my life.


At this stage in your life, would you consider being a second wife?

I won’t break someone else’s home because I don’t want mine to be broken as well. But then man proposes and God disposes. No one can decide for God. We can only pray fervently for our wishes. But one thing I don’t joke with is my happiness.


What do you have to say about pre-marital s*x among our youths?

It is saddening that pre-marital s*x has taken over our time. In the past, most of our men would disassociate themselves with girls who have been deflowered outside wedlock. Then a woman’s virginity was her pride but time has changed and human beings have changed. I am not happy about it. Maybe we should blame civilisation or modernisation for this.  I pray for God’s intervention in this era.


Did you marry as a virgin?

Yes, I did and I can boldly say that.


What was your first s*x experience?

My first experience was full of fear, uncertainty, pain and alas! I loved it at the end.


Our society does not support single motherhood. How do you cope with the stigma of being a single mother?

(Smiles) I only know my status. I only know who I am. (smiles) for Biodun, she’s the happiest woman on earth. I am comfortable and happy in all ways. No stigma for me.Biodun Okeowo


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