When He Ordered His Men To Stone Us, No One Talked, Al-Makura Will Be Impeached — Nasarawa Assembly

The Nasarawa state House of Assembly, yesterday revealed that they won’t stop their impeachment processes against their state governor, Tanko Al-Makura despite firm protests from citizens of the state.

Nasarawa State governor, Tanko Almakura
Nasarawa State governor, Tanko Almakura

The House Committee on Information Chairman, Baba Ibaku told Vanguard that they will make sure the impeachment was carried out so as not be seen as liars, and said that the mass protest were boys of the governor who where paid to make noise and out the state in crisis.

Even though all the House members have moved to Abuja as they are afraid for their dear lives by the boys, he said: “The world will see us as liars if we withdraw the impeachment process at this stage. People who are telling us to discontinue do not understand what we are doing now.

“We are moving on to the next level where we shall direct the Chief Justice of the state to constitute a panel to investigate the allegations levelled against him. ’’

That investigation takes a period of three months. They may finish before then. Then soon after that the deal will be done. “No one out of the 20 members has withdrawn or is threatening to withdraw his signature for the impeachment, contrary to what some people are insinuating.

We are on course. We are religiously following the provisions of the 1999 Constitution to perfect everything on this impeachment.” Reacting to the series of demonstrations against the House’s decision, Ibaku said: “They are only sending Al-Makura off. He is going so that they will be happy and they will be happy for his exit soonest.

“When he took us to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, people were aware but they did not protest; when he mobilised his people to stone Assembly members at the Assembly complex, did anybody protest against that? He gave them money and as soon as the money gets exhausted, all the protesters will disappear.”

Al-Makura has been trying to gather support to stop the impeachment process, going as far as to meet President Jonathan to ask for his support.

His party the APC is also trying to sto the process but it seems out of their hands.

Al Makura had won the Nasarawaa gubernatorial post when he was in the Congress Of Progressive Change, but then later followed his party as they asolved in APC.

He was born on 1952 in Lafia, Nasarawa state and was a former Assistant Producer at the Broadcasting Corporation of Northern Nigeria.


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