What Do You Think Of Goodluck’s Dressing, Native Attire and Gym Socks


I came across this online and I Laughed so hard I had to share.

The pictures above shows president Jonathan as he arrived Nigeria from Ghana after attending the 45th Summit of the ECOWAS Heads of State. What some Nigerians noticed was the socks he wore on native.

What do you think? Is there anything wrong with his dressing?



  1. U laughed bcos u wnt 2 laugh, wots so funny abt his dressing? Does dressing stops him 4rm bn d president of nigeria? U beta use ur tym 4 beta tins dan criticising someone dat doesnt even knw u talkles of having ur tym, afterall dere’s no law guiding dress code

  2. Y r u laughing at him? Check if u’r abt to go insane. Noting hapen 2 our dear president attire. He looks nice.


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