So can Arsenal win the EPL next season?

Still making Signings eh Arsene?

Still making Signings eh Arsene?

The demeanour of last season is still fresh in the minds of everything that correlates with Arsenal. In the most stupendous manner, the Gunners squandered an unforgiving 7-points lead in the race for the English Premier League crown.

The mockery from rivals soon unveiled afterwards, and had it not been the Facup triumph, would have exacerbated.

Wenger, the boss, in his harangue speech was quick to defend his disciples, insinuating to the listeners that these mishaps are part and parcel of the game, also adding the Wembley triumph to embellish his reasoning.

Mishaps are part of the game really. Afterall, Liverpool shot themselves in the foot for the EPL glory after stuttering at home to Chelsea(HAHA GERRAD), and then squandering an assured lead at Crystal Palace to gift the title to Manchester City- But if theirs was execrable- Arsenal’s was appalling.

The manner at which they fumbled makes you quail. Not just because they failed to beat Everton after Ozil drew first blood late that would have seen the 7-points stretched, but bending over to the big teams was totally unacceptable for a title contending side.

In the first twenty minutes of that forgettable encounter at Anfield, a place that still holds sweet memories for the Gunners, Wenger’s men exhibited their comical defensive satire; conceding four goals in only twenty minutes.

It was a frustrating and traumatic game as the defeat not only mocked their league leaders status, but also paved way to an abhorrent downfall thereafter.

Manchester City too sunk the Gunners at the Ethiad with five stunning goals. For me, it was a tie the Gunners could have drawn had the key players illustrated why they are named ‘’Key Players’’.

The Nightmare did not stop. Pugnacious Everton players, straightened by manager Roberto Martinez, did damages to visitors on their home ground. Arsenal was no exception. They showed their goods by banging in 3 unscathed goals against their big guests from islington.

But it was the annihilation at Stamford Bridge that raised eyebrows. Even before kickoff, one could observe the Gunners barely looked confident of fighting for a victory. And Mourinho’s umbrage narcissism played its part in the rout. Oh I despise that fellow.

Identical to their other holocaust starts, Arsenal seemed like a team out of place.

Comparison of both teams starting XI illustrated total dominance from Jose’s men.

Without Ozil dictating play, the team struggled to create meaningful chances and embarked on losing possession continuously in the middle of the park that resulted in my former laptop having a screen crack.

Theo Walcott absence even made matters worse. A supine Olivier Giroud was isolated in the final third, and one can sense the frenchman’s frustrations of not carrying his ipod along to the pitch.

The sound of the whistle for fulltime was a welcome relief however.

But It soon dawn that fighting for the league was sensibly over. Without having key players culminated to the disaster overall.

Another persistent problem was the known issue of depth. During the reminiscent tenor of Robin Vanpersie, it was do or die if the Dutch man grabbed his ankle in pain from a challenge.

The team that lost 6-0 Chelsea, had a bench filled with raw and inconsistent players and you wonder the aberrant score line?

Arsene knows the positives of having a good bench setup. In the Worldcup, the Belgium team relied on their influential talisman from the bench for victories. So did France, and eh, Holland.

Plan A must work in tandem with Plan B when the going gets tough, but it seems Wenger is fully aware now, ostensibly.

The signing of Alexis Sanchez is a change in fortunes for the team. His pace and body strength brings a new challenge to opposition defenders. If the boss decides to use him on the right wing, its depth in disguise, that means Theo Walcott and Chamberlain(When not used from the middle) would compete for a starting place.

With Debuchy, Remy and Khedira also imminent it omens a strong side that can call help from the bench when tactics become useless. Also a strong team that won’t display obsequious behaviors to their arch big rivals.

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So Information Nigeria asks: can the Gunners do justice this term? Comment please.



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