Pics: Meet Jimi Manuwa, the Nigerian-British UFC MMA champion


34 year old Jimi ‘Poster Boy’ Manuwa is a Nigerian-British mixed martial artist, who competes in the light heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC, and is blazing an amazing trail for Nigerians in the MMA sporting field.  

Jimi, who left Nigeria when he was just two, is ranked #11 in the official UFC light heavyweight rankings. He’s been cage fighting since 2003 and has won all his fights

After being away for 24 years, Jimi returned home to Nigeria this past Sunday June 29th. Continue..

Jimi, who now trains youngsters in the sport, which demands participants practice mixed martial arts and battle it out in the ring, said:

“People might think it’s violent but it’s a sport, like boxing. You get to release energy and take your frustration out and it takes a lot of discipline. I think kids will be able to relate to me as I’ve come from the same place they have. When I speak to them they listen.”

Jimi is in Nigeria to check out the MMA scene with a view to checking out the possibility of setting up a replica of his reputable MMA gym in London – Lionspride MMA. 

Jimi, who says he has a passion for his sport and his people, will be treating mixed martial arts practitioners and any others interested in learning more about MMA and what it takes to be successful in the field at a program hosted by The Tarmac in conjunction with the Young Friend Karate Club in Ayobo.
He will be teaching various MMA skills and techniques ranging from Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, to Karate, etc., Just as he does as a respected motivational speaker at high schools in England, Jimi will also be giving tips on important keys for success.
Tarmac is located at 35 Olayemi Road, Olayemi Ayobo.  Participation is free but there are limited spaces available. Interested persons must register on Young Friend International’s FB page if they’d like to book a place or text their name to 0818 394 1294.
See more pics of him below…




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