Photos: Meet Nigeria’s hot representative to 2014 Commonwealth Games


Nichole Denby is American by birth but her mom is part Nigerian. She is on the Nigerian track team that’s currently performing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Nichole used to run for the USA team, but only recently decided to start running for Nigeria. The 31 year old mother of one explained why she switched.

“It’s great honour to compete for an African country where my roots come from, and there is no greater honour for me than to do that. The USA is saturated with athletes, they have so many different people, so they really don’t need anyone else. There is no great honour for me to represent a country like this in Africa, it really is an honour.” she said in a recent interview…


Explaining her family ties with Nigeria, Nichole said “It’s on my mother’s side. I don’t even know them, I never met them, I have just seen pictures of them and stuff so yeah, my great-grandfather was actually from Nigeria” she said

Nichole who is married with a daughter has a record finishing time of 12.54seconds.


Her husband and daughter



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