Nyako Was Impeached Because He Stole ‘Our Money’ – Adamawa Acting Governor

Ahmad-Fintiri-AdamawaAdamawa State acting governor, Ahmadu Fintri, on Monday insisted that the former state governor, Murtala Nyako, had to be impeached because according to him, he stole ‘our money’.

The former speaker, who was sworn-in as acting governor following the impeachment of Nyako last Tuesday, noted that since the former governor’s removal from office, calm had returned to the state.

Fintiri, who was at the presidential villa, Abuja, where he met with President Goodluck Jonathan said: “We are into confidence building, having removed Nyako and the destruction of infrastructure and moral of our people. We have gone into building of confidence. We are trying to pay our salaries – salaries of workers – because, for months, he has not paid their salaries. That is what we are doing now”.

Speaking to State House correspondents after meeting with the president, Fintri said he came to see the president, who is the leader of the country, to brief him on the situation in Adamawa in his capacity as the acting governor.

On allegations that the president is trying to decimate the opposition by way of impeachment, he said, “Nyako is not an opposition man. He only stole the mandate of the PDP into the APC. How did the president get involved in this local issue in Adamawa? The man has stolen our money. That is the bottom line of it”.

When he was quoted as having told reporters at the PDP national headquarters in Abuja shortly after he was sworn-in last week that he had returned PDP’s stolen mandate and whether it was the reason Nyako was removed, Fintri said, “You saw the allegations and they have been proven by the panel; so that cannot be the reason why we removed the man. There were even so many other issues that we could not bring as part of the allegations that informed his removal.

“But definitely as a PDP man that has taken over as acting governor in Adamawa State, I have to say that I brought back to my party the stolen mandate by the former governor”.

On the allegation that members of the State House of Assembly were financially rewarded to remove Nyako from office, Fintiri responded: “Who gave the money? There must be an evidence of the person who gave the money. In this country, people are used to whatever situation that happened, it is about money. Who gave the money?”


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