Mum & 2 pregnant daughters all widowed after husbands die in plane crash


A mother and her two pregnant daughters have all been left tragically widowed after their husbands died in a plane crash in California on July 6th.

The three husbands, Doug Symiczek, 49 (centre), Kyle Parton, 29 (left), and Jacob Griffiths, 32, (right) were on a small private plane when it crashed into a mountain in California. The men had taken a morning flight to enjoy breakfast at their favourite cafe but on their way back home around 9am, the single-engined plane got in to difficulties and crashed in to a nearby mountain & exploded on impact. All three men died instantly. Continue…
A week after the tragic crash, Kyle’s wife Breanna (left) gave birth to their second child, on July 13th


Jacob’s wife (pictured left) was three months pregnant at the time of the fatal crash..and just day before the accident, Jacob and Amanda had posed for photographs to announce their happy news.

The girl’s mum, Kim, had been married to their dad (pictured on top) for 30 years. So they lost their husbands and dad same day. The dad had been piloting the plane that morning..and owned the plane.


  1. This is sad, oh! what a tragic news. anyways as we believe God knows best. May their souls rest in peace and to families to have fortitude to bear their lose.


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