Military Uncovers Boko Haram Plans To Attack Five Busy Spots In Abuja

The Nigerian Army has uncovered plans by the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram to launch an offensive on five busy spots in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.


According to Daily Sun, it was gathered that intelligence report had revealed that the sect members have intruded Utako Market, posing as petty traders, wheel barrow pushers, butchers, as well as cab drivers while they await instructions on when to bomb the market.
A security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, the terrorists target the Utako Market, Area 1 Shopping Centre, DeiDei Mar­ket, Farmers Market, Maitama and Area 3 Motor Spare Parts Market located behind the old secretariat in Abuja.
It assured that the security agencies are working tirelessly to foil the impending attacks, adding that the task force in charge of security in the FCT was considering closing down the Utako Market, DeiDei Market and the shopping malls marked for the attacks.
It further revealed that security operatives had already met with the management of targeted markets and shopping mall to brainstorm on how to avert the impending attack. He said secu­rity agencies shut down one of such malls located at Wuse Zone 5 after it received a threat letter from insurgents over an impending attack.
It was, however, observed that to execute adequate security in Utako market would pose some challenges because of its largeness.
Another top security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, adequate security had been put in place in the market.
He revealed some of them to include installation of several gates to check vehicular movement, eradication of traders without shops operating outside the market, securing of banks operating in the market premises, eradicating the illegal motor park that had taken over the parking lot and also halted the unselective parking within and outside the market.
The source said the move had however, caused some panics within the market therefore posing a huge challenge to security operatives.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian army has already started purchasing news weapons which they will use to end the terrorist group that has reportedly killed over 4, 000 innocent people since 2009. The dreaded terrorist group and its leader, Abubakar Shekau have been blacklisted by the UN.


  1. of all the security precautions mentioned… nothing is said about real time intelligience gadgets, like…. cctv, gps, satellite tracking systems. Use of Human Intelligience (HUMINT), use of telephone software that remotely gathers intelligience anytime a call is received or made in Utako market or in any if the targeted spots…. I wonder what type of Archaic Security Professionals we have in Nigeria. Those of us that the mentality and “know how” are not given jobs. There is God ooooo.


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