Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Asari Dokubo Threatens Northerners

Controversial Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Mujahid Asari Dokubo on Thursday described the North as barren and said the Niger-Delta part of Nigeria can no longer sustain them.


The Niger Delta Activist has threatened he would mobilise to shut down Nigeria if the Niger-Delta region is not granted full control of its resources.

In a statement signed by Comrade Rex Emojite Anighoro, for Dokubo and the group, the self-acclaimed freedom fighter called Nigeria “a luciferian contraption of convenience dubiously crafted to criminally sustain the parasitic and predatory expansionist and supremacist Gambari North.”

Dokubo declared saying: “May it be known to all our representatives both at the National Conference and the National Assembly who continually compromise the interest of the Niger-Delta region that they would be declared persona non grata in the region and their sins visited on them in their own life time. They would be treated as enemies of the region as the profanity of Esau can no longer be tolerated.”

He said events of the past weeks at the National Conference, Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital, seem to have given credence, beyond reasonable doubts, to his argument “that this Lugardian edifice is indeed a mistake of 1914 that is beyond redemption and ought now to be deconstructed.

“Indeed, the lie of an illusional and nonexistent unity of Nigeria has been glued and nourished at the monumental expense of the South with specific mention of the Niger Delta.

“This is a hypocritical reality that must be dismantled, while we have continually shown an unneedful accommodation, bending our backs to a breaking point in the sustenance of a barren and impotent Gambari North, the putrifying odour of their arrogance in ignorance in their dementia-thought patterns as the owners of our God given commonwealth calls for the immediate revocation of the further show of our charity.

“While we have given a very difficult and unexpected support to the National Conference in the hope that it may help salvage and rework a defective foundation of a union consummated in an illicit wedlock, we have been vindicated that we are not rabble rousing incurable separatist and war mongers.

“Our call for a Sovereign National Conference to discuss our collective terms of our existence at the table of brotherhood has thoroughly enjoyed the contempt and abuse of a people irrevocably determined to suffocate and confiscate our commonwealth and non-extinguished sovereignty.

“Let us state very emphatically that irrespective of the final determination of the National Conference, our minimum expectation and demand as a people is and remains 100 percent control of our resources or nothing.

“Yes, the National Conference can go on and propose even one hundred states, agree to rehabilitate and develop areas ravaged by insurgency and internal conflicts, agree to develop solid minerals resources and whatever, but let it be known that not a dime of the resources of the people of the Niger Delta should be factored into this oddious compromise.”

Dokubo said the current situation in the country now calls for a definitive moment to demand the abolition of “the sustenance of the barren states of Nigeria with the resources of the Niger-Delta in the name of monthly allocations amongst others.

“We hereby  equivocate that going back to the creeks may be inevitably preferable rather than allow for the wealth of our people be used to develop or rehabilitate a parasitic, barren yet ignorantly arrogant Gambari North.

“We are fully ready to mobilise our people from across the Niger Delta and even in diaspora to stand up for definite showdowns and direct actions.

“The Gambari North must no longer be sustained at our expense, our God given resources belong to us and not Nigeria. The end of Lugard’s Nigeria is Now!”

Apparently Asari Dokubo who is known for publicly voicing out his opinion and issuing out threats has been described as a thug by the Deputy National Secretary for the All Peoples Congress party, APC, Mallam Nasir El Rufai.

It was reported in May 2014 that Asari issued a threat as heurged the people of the South-South region to prepare for war following the spate of terrorism in the country caused by the dreaded Boko haram sect.

Asari who has always shown his support for President Jonathan issued yet another threat stating in February that he and his kinsmen in the oil-rich belt are ready for war in 2015 if Jonathan isn’t re-elected in the 2015 presidential election.

In his words: “If it is war the North wants, we are ready for them because Jonathan must complete the mandatory constitutionally allowable two terms of eight years”. 

In March 2014, the All Progressive had urged the SSS to arrest Asari over his threat to start War in Nigeria if President Jonathan is defeated in 2015 Election saying: ‘If Asari-Dokubo Is Not Above The Law, SSS Must Arrest Him Now’.

It would also be recalled that Asari who doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind, last year challenged former president Olusegun Obasanjo on his controversial letter to President Jonathan.

Just recently, on July 1 Dokubo, who had staged an anti-BringBackOurGirls protest in May to prove the Chibok girls were not kidnapped took to hos facebook to insist that the over 200 abducted Chibok school girls kidnapped by boko haram in Borno State on April 14 is a scam as no girls were missing.


  1. LoL.. Don Mujahid Asari. Well in as mch as I don’t support this up front show. The north seem to deserve just this.. Smh

  2. Asari and the deltas your eyes openned late this was the same war ojukwu called upon your fathers to fight but they choose to be onlookers where the lte ojukwu resilently foght the nigerian army while hEnce ur eye suddenly openned now I think the delta,s should be out to do the fighting themselves now becos south east has done theirs

  3. This man asari is not to be taken seriously. He is just like an empty barrel who makes a loud noise. I watched one of his threats on YouTube earlier this year where he dared boko haram to strike again and he will bring the heavens down. The strikes since he made the threat are uncountable and all he does is make more empty threats. The thing is asari is even more selfish than many of our politicians. We are aware of the contract he has with the federal govt. and he wants continuity not because he really likes Jonathan or even his people, but because he wants to continue to enjoy the free money he currently enjoys with this government.

  4. To me d so called asari Tukubo is a fool in shot bigest one.He shoult nt start what he or d so called delta can nt finished,i want to ask if he go to school @ all,if yes he should live by history pls d south-south started it but could nt finished it,so he should ask his father very well if he have @ all if nt his a failure ‘lidiot”

  5. Take it or leave it Asari is right. Boko Haram has started the fight and claimimg to have bombed the huge city of Lagos killing 22. The south east is under serious threat with strong evidence of boko haram infiltration. The entire south will be over run soon. We must stop this cowardice. No southerner can live in the north now yet our reps are afraid to talk. Our reps are not representing us at all.


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