Jim Iyke Runs Out Of Liberia With Fear Of Contacting Deadly Ebola Virus


Jim Iyke might seem like the baddest and bravest man in his movies but when it comes down to reality, everything changes.

The veteran Nollywood actor has jetted out of Liberia’s capital city Monrovia with his business plans unfinished.

He revealed that he is scared about the deadly virus and although his business plans were not concluded, he had to leave.

Jim posted this photo of himself sitting in the airport’s VIP lounge, wearing a face mask.

Although it has not be revealed that the virus is now airborne, Jim seems to be taken his own precautionary steps.

” Monrovia, unfinished biz; Leavin tonite. Nt ashamed to admit tis ish scares the Jesus outta me. #Ebola!!!!” he said.



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