Impeachment: Jonathan Reveals How Nyako Can Be Saved

President Goodluck Jonathan has reportedly given conditions that will help save the embattled governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako from an impending impeachment by legislators in his state.


Jonathan was said to have given these conditions on Monday night, when two former heads of state took Nyako to meet with the president to plead on his behalf so that he will be saved from being disgraced out of office.

The two former leaders, who were in Abuja ahead of the Council of States meeting, which took place yesterday, reportedly drew the President’s attention to the heightening ethno-religious tension that was building in Adamawa as a result of the impeachment move, adding that nothing should be done to escalate the violence in the region.

According to Vanguard report, their efforts to save the governor did not yield any fruitful result as Jonathan was said to have told them he had no hand in the move to impeach the governor.

According to a source close to the president, Jonathan scolded Nyako for insulting him in an offensive letter which he wrote wrote to the northern governors forum early this year, accusing the president of committing genocide in the north in the name of fighting Boko Haram.

President Jonathan reportedly insisted that the governor must first withdraw his malicious letter and publicly tender an apology to him and Nigerians which will be the condition for him to intervene in the impeachment process.

However, Gov. Nyako was said to have stood his ground, saying he would rather leave office than withdraw his letter and apologise to Jonathan.

A source close to Nyako confirmed that the peace meeting was deadlocked as a result of the governor’s refusal to disown the controversial letter and apologise to Jonathan but that another meeting had been slated for Tuesday night (last night), though he wasn’t sure whether the outcome will change anything.


  1. Why is the so-president giving another individual, a serving governor for that matter a condition or conditions that will save Nyako from impeachment? Is the president the presiding judge and if he has no hands in Nyako’s impeachment problems, why is he asking for apologies from him. Dirty politics at play in Nigeria.

  2. The law should be allowed to take its course.If Nyako is found wanting on the charges levelled against him.He should be allowed to taste the rot of the law.How long are we going to condone with evil in this country. Enough is enough.

  3. Bros jonathan if the cow don’t want to apologis to you please don’t put your mouth in thire matter let his brothers deal with him.

  4. @ Riganald and Jacob. Ur respected president by u is also corrupt dats why Nigeria is goin tru anarchy. The most corrupt regime I ve ever seen. It is unfortunate fr our youth still been deceive by religion and sentiment. Most Nyako apologise or come bac to pdp? Same shd also be done to our president and his cohort who has looted our treasury.

  5. When would devilish politics stop in our country? Because of a sole interest, yet bad one, people who are in wrong belief thinking that they are helping them would be quarreling and killing one another. My people, please come back to your senses.

  6. Sincere, I don’t think u r a Nigerian. How can u rate this govt the most corrupt. You are out of your sense if you could not see corruption in the highest order I’m OBJ government. Not to talk of the ones of military juntas.


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