Cop Arrested For Stealing Designer Cloth While Drug Searching A House


Texas police raid a house for drugs, did not find any drugs in the home, but they did find several pairs of Jordans. Sergeant Antoine Williams decided to help himself to these shoes which eventually got him busted after being reported by the other officers on duty. Many charges were then charged against Sergeant Williams. 

“They just have a badge on their side, that’s the only thing.”

This Sergeant has been in the force for 14 years he can easily afford his own pair of kicks. If he was so quick to steal those shoes I can’t imagine all the stuff he stole before this drug bust. We constantly hear people talk about police planting things on them, stealing things – have stolen their drugs and money. This kind of stuff has been going on for a long time, but for Williams to risk his job over a few pairs of Jordans is not only ridiculous but trifling as hell.

The fact that this man was arrested really blows my mind. Yes, he did something he should not have but let us not forget about the thousands of officers that kill innocent people left and right only to find themselves on paid-leave. Is it a racial thing? Possibly!



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