Aregbesola Is Nigeria’s Worst Governor, He Takes Osun’s Money To Lagos – Omisore

Senator Iyiola Omisore, who is vying for the governorship seat at the August 9 election in Osun State under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the incumbent governor Rauf Aregbesola of moving the state’s resources to Lagos.

The former deputy governor, who spoke to Vanguard in an interview alleged that the capital flight to Lagos has halted several developmental projects.

“All ongoing projects have been stopped because of over invoicing and capital flight to Lagos,” he said.

Omisore also describes Aregbesola as the worst governor in Nigeria, whose policies are anti-people and a total failure.

“Aregbesola is the worst governor in this country. His policies have been anti-people. The education sector has been bastardized, Opon Imo falsified, road construction has been abandoned, no rural settlement, no agricultural project, nothing to lay hands on,” the governorship aspirant said.

Backing up his assertion, Omisore said “Recently, one of the schools constructed by this administration collapsed, that shows the inferiority of what he is doing. It is an albatross and a major problem for us in this state.”

He also accused the ruling party in the state, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the governor of causing unnecessary apprehension in the state.

“The APC governor is causing fear everywhere because he used that successfully in the 2010 election when people were chased away from polling units. But now that things are being sorted out, there won’t be any harassment; there will be security to ensure that people are free to vote their choice.”

Omisore therefore advised the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure youth corps members (NYSC) are used for the elections so as to ensure thugs are not given the job.

“I am not unaware that there will not be enough corps members in Osun State because we have about 4000 polling units. That means they have to look for corps members outside the state. If they try to employ electoral officers in the state, they may end up employing thugs, political activists and there will be confusion in the election.”


  1. What a statement from a governorship candidate? This is not criticism but outright falsehood. Whoever put Omisore up to this tactics of ranting this way does him the worst goo.d. You can not tell us that what we see is not correct. You just called us blind and fools. It is also not fair to call our able bodied young men thugs.

  2. I think this man should tell the people of osun state what he plans to do for them rather than this uncoordinated and very shallow criticism of the incumbent. The developments in osun state by the incumbent are visible to the blind and also audible to the deaf. However, some of us believe that his works were so pronounced due to the seriously rotten state of things when he took over from a PDP led government. Even the person he took over from has been able to see for himself the true meaning of service to the people and has quickly aligned himself with reality. Omisore should tell us what he will do to improve on what is now on ground better than the incumbent is able to do. That’s the only way he can endear himself to the minds of osun people. With all what he stated here, he is either telling the people of osun that they are all dreaming as per the things on ground or that PDP is so blinded by the need to take over to the extent that they can’t see anything on ground. In my own opinion anyway, I think there is room for improvements in osun and that’s what the PDP candidate should explore.

  3. Omosore or Omosebi which one them call u!u lie too much,how much money Aregbesola took to lagos?Ife to Osu road was given to 3x to do which fail to do it.Ole n pe elomiran ni Ole,may almighty God expose u ad ur Oga @top(Amen)

  4. Both APC and PDP has failed us already,let’s try another political party,may be LP.
    PDP a failure,Tinubu led APC a selfish party,let both of them go to hell,we need new face.

  5. You must be a blind man not to have seen all the wonders performed by Aregbesola. You are worst liar ever seen.Destructive critic!!!!


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