4 Signs He’s Finished Playing Games


It gets real in the field, and trust isn’t easy to come by. So after being hurt how do we know who to trust again? There’s a few ways I think:

1. Space – I always believe falling back and reassessing ourselves does great things. If a guy distances himself from you and legitimately changes how he lives then it’s a good sign.

2. Humility – If a guy can articulate all his wrong doings and understand why it was wrong he might be worth listening to.

3. Patience – If old boy understands that taking him back won’t be a one day deal then that’s reassuring. If he’s willing to be patient and take baby steps to get back where you all once were then he might be worth it.

4. Creativity – If a man uses creative (not creepy) ways to try and get your attention then maybe that’s a decent sign. If he steps out of his comfort zone just to get your attention then maybe you can hear him out.

Now to be clear, I’m not absolving men who constantly louse up. Stay away from those. But if a guy does something wrong that you think you can get past in time then give it a shot. This of course is all relative to age as well. I’m 25, so my thinking is hey I still have some growing to do. I anticipate I will drop the ball in relationships from time to time. I’m still learning. I won’t condone a 35 year old making 25 year old errors.

Everything we do in life should be within reason. The biggest decisions we make should be within reason. Your heart is is important enough to protect. So if you ever find yourself in this position take your time with it. I just wanted it to be known that boys can become men. Unfortunately it takes a fuck up here or there to really drive that home. Anyone feel me? Any ladies ever took back someone that hurt them? Did it work out? Fellas, have you tried to get a woman back that you lost? If so what did you do to do it?

These are my words and I make no apologies.

Source: singleblackmale.org


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