Two Men And A Goat Spotted Riding A Motorbike In Iran

A video of two men and a goat on a motorbike went viral on the Internet.


Two reckless Iranian men with a goat in the passenger seat of a motorcycle were spotted in Iran. The goat’s confident look suggests an idea that it’s not his first time on the road.

Moreover, only the goat follows the rules of road safety as he is seen wearing a helmet while neither of the bike’s human riders wear head protection. Also one more tranquil goat is seen in the back of the vehicle.

The journey seems rather joyful as the farmers are smiling being filmed by a passenger in a passing car. Two guys are believed to be farmers who were just taking the goats back to the farm.

The clip was posted on LiveLeak a few days ago and went viral, clocking up more than 150,000 views.

Watch Video:


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