Steven Keshi Attacks Osaze Again In Brazil


The head coach of the Nigerian Super Eagles — Stephen Keshi has again attacked Osaze Odemwingie’s performance against Iran, despite him being one of few bright sparks in an otherwise dull team.

A journalist had complained about the blunt attack of the Eagles but singled out Osaze for bringing fire to the attack when Keshi bared his fangs on the Stoke City player.

‘’No. No, No. Osaze didn’t play well. What he played was not the role I asked him to play,” he said leaving many journalists bewildered.

On a night that Emmanuel Emenike was a shadow of himself and instead of being the point man, decided to be playing wide from the wings coupled with wrong passes from Mikel and Ogenyi Onazi, the introduction of Osaze at least brought a sparkling ray of hope.

At one instance, he fired a ferocious shot that got everybody standing on their feet as the ball narrowly missed target. He passed balls accurately but Keshi would not have that credit go him.

‘’I don’t know what he played. What he played was not what I asked him to play”, he insisted. 


  1. Yeye coach, you played the worst game ever in this world cup… What on earth did you want Osaze to do with who many mintues of play… Please bring back our boys if you can’t take the blame for the last match and stop saying rubbish.

  2. #Bring Back Our Boys# Osase was the only player who brougth hope to that macth even if he does not play to your instruction, after all those that played to your instruction killed hope of Nigerian on the world Cup. Bring Back our Boys

  3. Keshi could be so annoying and stubborn,odemwingie was d best player of d match.. Letz intoduce uzoenyi nd odemwingie in replacement of musa and azeez against bosnia

  4. Kechi dont have coaching iniative that can can meet up with the world cup standard. Osaze played very well as i am concern and stop putting ur failure on osaze head!

  5. I am very surprise why he hates Osaze. He shouldnt have invite him to be part of the squad. He (the coach) knows not what he is doing.Infact he is not a coach. In his days, is he a cool headed player? Gush!!!!!!!

  6. Keshi is very wrong on this one. I think that he doesn’t just like Osaze’s guts,so there’s nothing Osaze will play that will go down well with Keshi.
    Please if he cannot handle the team anymore due to offers from other Countries,he should #BringBackOurBoys#.

  7. Keshi smoke? Noooooo, the talk self dey vex me! How come the best player from the subs he made is now the one he’s crucifying? Keshi only envies Osa₹e because he refused to bribe him just like Shola Ameobi and others did.
    The worst player on that pitch that night was Mikel. Hls passes were totally inaccurate and he was dulling the game. How come a player that does not know how to dribble over night turns dribbler? Even JayJay self learn am through hard work….. Emenike also was trying to display skills wey e no sabi before with him bench body….. Rubbish*

  8. Keshi is drunk Baloteli is d bad boy but italy stil likes him,he drop ik saying he didnt play to instructions now osaze d guy is drunk bring back our boyz

  9. It is certainly clear keshi is confused and apparently out of idea. His judgement too is beclouded by the passionate hatred for prospective players and raw talent, that which he never was. First, it was IK Uche he claimed was not discipline, the reason he dropped him from his list. Now Osaze did not play to instruction in a match he was adjudged best among the rest. If that performance to keshi/amokashi is not playing to instruction then osaze had beter not play to instruction for the rest of his life. Bunch of learners called coaches.

  10. “kechi” na only you be coach wey come this world cup,this gossip ur sharing about osaze,there is Godoooo there is Godooooo

  11. we need jay jay okocha in replacement or support of keshi, meanwhile keshi must go…. stop lay ur blame on osaze. those dat play according to ur instruction achieved nothing. keshi disappointed giant of Africa100%

  12. Pls dnt let’s blame keshi bicos frm day one, he dose not wnt to take Osaze, bt due to every nigerians comment, he picked him, bt he dnt wnt to use him in d team, nd he taught he won’t play well, bt GOD disgraced him, cos d little time he played, he perform so great. While keshi ws disappointed, dat makes him giving bad statemnt abt Osaze. Meanwhile, dey win or nt, I’m nt interested in watching any of dia match again.

  13. I don’t think stephen keshi, is with his normal sense…..4 him to say something about osaze is assai pesky, I don’t think he’s the right man to coach 4 naija.

  14. I am short of words hearing what our coach said. The truth is this if Keshi says that Osaze did not play according to instruction, it meanings that he never wanted them to score.

  15. #bring back our girls*. Keshi, peter is one of the players who is now playing 4better, 4worse….. nigeria is my country. #bring back our boy.

  16. I pray that there will be no physical combat within our own players like Cameroon match. kechi should encouraged them not to kill their moral

  17. I am really unhappy about the ways you Nigerians castigate KESHI.He said Osaze did not play to instructions. You were not there to know the type of instruction he gave him.I believe Osaze has am altitude or lacks respect for his noises tactics.who knows if we would have won if he had played to instruction

  18. 4 God’s sake, osaze was d only player dat played pretty well. KESHI pls focus on ur remaining matches. Live osaze alone, remember dat there is God oooo. God help naija

  19. Keshi instead of attacking Iran, Bosnia and Argentina, here you are attacking the boy are supposed to encourage. This clearly shows you are an epitome of a gigantic debacle. Nig needs a coach simple

  20. kesh is a mistake and osaze is the best player for nigeria. if osaze does not start against bosnia today, then kesh should b ready for the media as i will bring full damage to him


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