Photo: 60-year old Nigerian woman gives birth through IVF


60 year old Mrs Omolara Irurhe (pictured above) who had been looking of a child for over 30 years reportedly gave birth to a baby girl this past Monday June 16th through the Invitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment at a Specialist Hospital in Lagos.


The Nation reports that Mrs Irurhe, who has been married for 31 years, started the IVF treatment in 2010 and said her faith in God and her believe in modern medicine helped her go through the process, after many years of childlessness in marriage. She said her husband, Mr Adekunle Irurhe’s Catholic belief of one man one wife made him not to marry another woman and stood by her through all the years.

“I believe we should not limit God and what the doctors can do in this modern age. I believe this is the appointed time. I was very hopeful throughout the years I was childless and I remained focused on God. We went to many hospitals but we didn’t give up,” she said


An elated Mr Adekunle Irurhe said though there were pressures to get another wife, he was determined to stay with his wife alone as that was the practice of his own parents. He said his wife’s belief in the In vitro fertilization method made him support her.

“I supported her throughout because my wife was dogged and she believed in herself. When I saw her faith, I had no choice but to go with her. She kept telling me she would have her child. I wasn’t thinking of another wife. I came from a monogamous family and I decided she is all I will have. The family was understanding too and we fought together to get this baby”.

Mrs Irurhe has made history as the oldest woman in Africa to give birth to a child via Invitro Fertilization.

Source: The Nation


  1. A big congrat to d family of mr Adekunle for dea new born baby at d Age of sixty year, dat is God promises, bcos it beyond immagination…madam congratulation for d faith.may God bless d baby.

  2. This is the best and wonderful issue I read..which happen in Nigeria…how nice alll men can be like him… Real surprise me…still there is men like him…..I want to find somebody like him…can i

  3. I glorify the name of the lord in your life,May his name be lifted forever and what he has done in your life will be permanent IJN

    I glorify the name of the lord in your life,May his name be lifted forever and what he has done in your life will be permanent IJN

  4. Humm d God of Elijah is still alive,d God of serah and abraham is not dead,, dis will b challenge to all people dat is still looking unto God for fruit of womb dat God did not forsake u..


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