Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Speaks About Divorcing His wife

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the popular Love World Assembly, aka Christ Embassy Church has debunked the rumours which went viral that he had divorced his wife, Pastor Anita Oyakhilome.


Speaking through one of his officials, Kenneth Achumasara, he described the report as the work of mischief makers.

Kenneth said, “I can tell you authoritatively that there is no issue between Pastor Chris and his wife, Anita,” adding that the report was baseless and had no iota of truth.

According to him, Rev. Anita is handling the church’s UK agency and she is still ministering till date.

Corroborating Kenneth’s statement, another official who pleaded anonymity said, “If you go to the UK now you will see her along with the kids. She is still with him and there is no issue between them. I have been with him for 22 years and the Pastor Chris I know cannot even utter such words as reported. He will never address such a gathering. She will soon be in Nigeria for a programme and I will definitely invite you to have access to her.”

The news of Pastor Chris divorcing his wife went viral on May 28 after a facebook page which was called ‘Where is Rev. Anita Oyakhilome? was opened by some members of the church who were worried about the absence of Rev. Anita in the church who had not been seen with her husband Pastor Chris since November, 2013.

Not long after the news went viral, some officials of the church denied the report, saying it was false.


  1. This is joke and it must end now. Please don’t make people loose heart, faith and love by such posts especially when they are not true. You sounded like you cared but actually you are tarnishing the image of a man of God, church and God. Please be careful.

  2. Pastor Chris should learn to live with his wife and children he is the one given room for all the talks we hear, how can he be based in S/A and the wife in London, are there no capable hands in London that can handle the church, this division in his family style call for concern knowing the grace of God upon his life and ministry.

  3. I dnt knw y ppl a like this I dnt get y the should lie abt the man of God nd his wife or it is bcause the a nt afraide of the anointng nd God punishment b careful u will b burn by the fire of God relly if u a workng 4 devil bcare full bcause God dnt want anything wrong with his children warning

  4. Anyway, i dont blame them talking against my Pastor and his Wife; because they are the enemies of progress.
    They wont mind their own business. Gossippers.
    I pray God should forgive them, and let them repent.

  5. Anyway, if the world can talk against Jesus Christ, they can equally talk against Pastor Chris and his Wife.
    That means Pastor chris is greater than them. Anyway i dont blame them, they are enemies of progress. But i pray they should come to repentance and ask God for forgveness.

  6. Now all those saying its gossip, u see now that its not gossip, its a fact, our pastors ar nt GOD, they ar human like us, blood runs their vain nd bside a man is a man, I jus pray men should try their possible best to b faithful nd truthful to their wives, we know, no man is perfect, but atleast not from a man of GOD who councils couples, they should to show us some example

  7. What has Kenneth and those denying the divorce rumour got to say now that it is not longer deniable? Let us practice Christianity the way it should be done.
    Telling lie is a sin. What aught to have been done is to call a spade a spade. Nobody is to small or too big to sin or be tempted.
    When temptation like this comes, we should be care on our reaction. Let the spirit guide us in how to overcome it. In that wise lie or denial is no solution.
    If Chris as a Church leader is to handle a similar case like this among members of his church, how would he handle it? Is he a true leader to be followed.
    It takes two to tangle. So he cannot claim a saint in this situation. How is he playing his leadership and husband’s roles? You see, you can deceive man but definitely not God.
    Let him address the issue of divorce as ordered by the holy bible. Hope the is not a foundational curse or problem in his life. Let him reexamine himself and his generational history.
    All what I am saying is that, the divorce is bad precedent in the Christendom. For two ministers of God to have a broken home, is a stain to the altar. What are they going to preach to their congregations?
    Whatever the cause(s) of the pending divorce let them rethink and address it the way the holy bible wants us to settle such situation. The love of God should supersede everything. There is no offence beyond pardon. Let them forgive each other.

  8. All human beings at one time or the other face some challenges in their lives. REV CHRIS is no exception as a creation of God. The almighty will see him through this. He has impacted many .Just be strong Rev.

  9. Peter or whatever they call you. Were you there when this so called divorce was done? Why can’t you just mind your business and zip your mouth? Go and read Matthew 7:1. You and the devil are already failures. Mind your business cus we are all answerable to God and not man

  10. @ samson why are u been so emotional read wat peter said very well. Our problem is dat we are too emotional in dis part of the world and dat is wat is dragging us back.

  11. D truth is dat pastor Chris is too anointed and full of d spirit and wisdom of God tro d word to fall into such, is just a scandal, believe it or not is d kind of world we are living today, d devil will use some people to scandal d representative’s of d body of christ just to make people fall from their faith and b confuse. Don’t believe everyfin u read or hear, be careful, don’t judge.


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