Nigezie CEO Kwame Speaks About His Traditional Yoruba TV Channel

Nigezie CEO, Femi Aderibigbe aka Kwame in a recent interview with City People spoke about his TV Channel Orisun. He explained why he established the Yoruba channel and how we have lost our tradition in this part of the world.

Read Excerpts below:

Orisun TV is basically a medium for expression, for the over 30 million strong Yoruba race, so to speak. I remember that I started as a hip hop on air personality and all that, and a few years back, someone asked me if I could do some content for an existing Yoruba Channel, I felt insulted, I was like you don’t know me because I used to look at the market as razz market.



The way we were brought up, we felt it was more cool when we speak in English, wear jeans, T-shirts and Sneakers, you know that hip hop swag. We kind of have this disdain for Yoruba ground so to speak. You are not allowed to speak Yoruba in school, you get punished for speaking vernacular and several other things but one day, not too long ago my son was reading a Yoruba poem so to speak, and he was reading it in a very humble manner and I was ashamed, as if he was a Jamaican and I was like what’s wrong with this boy? So it got me thinking we need to start moving back towards our cultural aspects of our life.


No matter how few we’re advanced technologically, economically   all that we also still have contact with our root. So when the opportunity came, the guys at Startimes said they needed a Yoruba Channel, I just jumped at it and said oh, I can do this they were like really,when I got home I was like, am I alright, what did I just commit to, so I now started researching, I met with all the major Yoruba movie content producers, spoke with them, spoke with some other people, it just started, it was very funny.  I first called the Channel Odua.



I now googled Odua, I found out the name is a TV Channel in the U.K, so I had to change it, I was like so what do we call it, the name first came Orisun ‘The source, like lets take it back to the source that’s were we all came from, that’s the history, that is where we are from. I got a girl to sing a song and I told her what I wanted and it came out beautiful. We just started, it was like a joke, we didn’t have a budget, we didn’t have a plan, we started a lot of exciting content, we didn’t know how to find those content, we just started and that’s it.



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