Man’s Retina Becomes Detached After Staring At Phone Screen Texting Girlfriend In Dark


A man has suffered a detached retina after repeatedly texting his girlfriend in the dark.

The 26-year-old phone user was text messaging his partner for a number of hours while in bed.

But his excessive messaging led to him suffering from sudden flashes in his eyesight.

After seeking the help of doctors, it emerged his left eye’s retina had become detached, Medical Daily reported.

This led to the man, from China, eventually having emergency surgery.

It is normally only elderly people who suffer from retinal detachment. However, it is becoming much more common among younger people, with excessive phone use believed to be at fault.

If it is not treated properly, it can lead to people going blind.

Speaking to NBC News recently, optometrist Andrea Thau said: “Our eyes have evolved for three-dimensional viewing so we wind up overfocusing as we strain to find a 3-D image on a close-up 2-D screen.”



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