Imagine The Shocking Effects Of Energy Drinks

In recent times, our society has been saturated with various highly caffeinated energy drinks which the intake supposedly tends to portray one who takes it as being socially inclined, especially when it is combined with other alcoholic drinks.

If you are one of the many who imbibe in taking energy drinks copiously, especially in an effort to party longer, exercise better and what have you, then you might want to have a rethink before you open the next can.


Although energy drinks have their many advantages and positive side effects, the impact of these drinks also depends on how they are consumed. Many people tend to abuse them, drinking more than one at a time and even mixing them with alcohol.

If you consume energy drinks while sweating, the effects can be particularly dangerous. Yes, you read right;The effects can be dangerous because you can be severely dehydrated quickly especially as it makes you to urinate in unhealthily quick successions.

It is true that energy drinks improve performance, increase concentration and speed and it also stimulate metabolism but do you know that you can experience all those afore-mentioned benefits through adequate sleep? Ironically, excessive intake of these energy drinks disturb your sleeping patterns. Does that not suggest anything to you?

Sadly, these drinks have a misrepresentation of the volumes of the various ingredients that make up the contents of each can.These misrepresentations are written cleverly in illegible lettering making most consumers who will rather not want to go through the stress of checking what has been written on the can before gulping down the content to be misled….and also easing the manufacturers off the blames of misinforming the public about the nutritional facts and over dosing the public with caffeine and vitamins.

Energy drinks contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee, plus an unimaginable quantity of sugar and other chemicals that pose great threats to your health when there is too much intake. Now, calculate the amount of cans you take per day and imagine what your health condition holds for you in few years’ time.

Have you ever noticed that when you take your various energy drinks,you experience an immediate surge of strength which does not last forever? I know nothing lasts forever but shouldn’t stimulants like energy drinks last for a reasonable long while? They succeed in stimulating your nervous system quickly and make you feel energetic at first and when all the sugar in your bloodstream are used up, you are left feeling more fatigued than you were before the intake.

Other negative side effects like inordinate mental coordination, drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, jitters and anxiousness should make you slow down on the intake of these drinks. Are you having a re-think already?

– by Adams Odunayo


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