Governor Fayemi’s APC Rally Was Attacked By Police In Ado Ekiti

A street rally led by Senator Babafemi Ojudu today in Ado Ekiti was attacked by alleged the Nigeria anti-riot police a day after President Goodluck Jonathan presented former governor Ayodele Fayose as People’s Democratic Party (PDP) flag bearer in the state.

According to Sahara Reporters, eyewitnesses stated that the carnival-like street rally went on peacefully until the police unleashed a volley of teargas canisters and later used real bullets that killed a party member.

A few minutes after the attack, state governor Kayode Fayemi arrived the scene to ascertain what happened, the rampaging policemen did not spare him as tear gas was fired into his direction while some members of his security and the commissioner for integration in Ekiti State, Niyi Afuye, were arrested and taken away from the scene.

The Commissioner of Police and the director general of the State Security Services later arrived the scene.

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  1. Why u ppl don’t visited d place instead of copy what saharareport said, all what he said is all full of lies…the so call apc thug are the one that attacked one bus locally call akoto at ejigbo junction and beat d hell out of ppl inside it, they use different kind of weapon on them… They are the one who use different types of weapon, jide awe nd jaru is there with them

  2. See the fire burning there is d 5 okada machine collected because of the sticker of fayose that ws on it and it ws set ablaze by apc thug….. F****k apc and their lies

  3. Ekiti State belong to us all, u r dia 2day as a Gov nor, som1 ws dia yesterday meaning that anoda person will be dia 2moro…. Y all dis 4 God sake, let us be sincere wit ourselves….. Ekiti belong to us all….. President GEJ came to Ekiti yesterday, accepted….who invited him, where dey not Ekiti sons and daughters, anoda set of Ekiti sons and daughters took dia broom and started embarrassing d seat of president under d pretense of sweeping d bad luck brought to Ekiti by president, u r nt embarrassing GEJ…… U r embarrassing d seat if u don’t kno. U called urselve an elite….. Imagine a Senator turning himself to somtin else, began to sweep d street only because president came to Ekiti jst yesterday…………nawa Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo! Only wat I know is dat……..wat will be will surely be.

  4. Why all these negative propaganda for God’s sake? Fayemi was trying to embarrass the seat of the president, what kind of elite does that? he’s worse that a common street tout. If you have a friend who is stubborn, and you decide to remain his friend, it’s because you’ve already accepted him the way he is. How do we explain fake person pretending to be cool headed, we are in Ekiti, we know what is happening. APC is a trouble making party, we want them flushed out of Ekiti. Fayoshe for governor!!! PDP POWER FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!


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