Fulani Kill 38 In Attacks On Kaduna Villages

At least 38 persons, including women and children, were Monday night killed in separate attacks on Fadan Karshi and Nandu villages in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

“They came around 10 p.m. last night (Monday night) and started killing people in Fadan Karshi village. They killed 17 people there,” said Chairman of Sanga Local Government Area, Mr. Emmanuel Adamu, while confirming the attack to Vanguard on phone.

“We first thought they were unknown gunmen, but we later discovered that they were Fulani. The youths were able to capture two of them. One of them is dead. The one who is still alive has been taken to the hospital in Jos.

“Around 2a.m., they re-grouped and attacked Nandu village, close to Gwantu Local Government headquarters. I am well informed that 21 people were killed there.

“Many were injured. I cannot tell you how many now, but I have directed that they should be treated in good hospitals in Jos. The Army and Police have come in now. I am appealing for calm,” he said.


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