Echoes From The Lasu Fees Hike

With the sudden outrageous increase in the Lagos State University school fees from a reasonable N25,000 to a jaw-dropping N250,000, one will wonder if there are plans to turn the school to a private university.

Nelson Mandela asserted that education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. But I will rather agree more with Mark Twain when he said..”Education is the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty”.


The State Government has thrown thousands of seeds that want to be educated into a miserable uncertainty. I mean, how can an increase in fees be raised 100% just at a time? Who does that? Do you know there are parents who have more than a child in the school? Do you know there are many parents who cannot even boast of a three square meal a day but still struggle to pay the #25,000? Do you also know that some of these students are the ones fending for themselves and even pay their own school fees?

Students and Lecturers alike express their views below:

Bababunmi, Mass-communication 400l

“It is so sad that a government which is suppose to be a defender of the people is actually adding burden to people.It is totally unfair; We don’t receive the same treatment private institutions receive..why should we pay same amount? I just hope the government can be reasonable and understand the feelings of the common man.”

Oloko Sodiq Abiodun, Microbiology 300l

“My parents thought it was a one time payment but now it’s getting too hard for them to even pay….My dad is a pensioner and my mum is a full house wife. How do I expect them to meet up with that kind of amount 216k?I’m even worried I may end up being a drop out at the end.The annoying thing is I’ve paid this money twice 258k and 216k but there’s nothing to show for it. Learning environment is still not improved and the school premises is an eyesore.”

Damilare, Microbiology 400l

” Its a public institution! From N250 to N25K, now 250-300k + ?Not good enough! If students can afford that they could have gone to a private school where issues like strike never come up and they get accommodation, security and a good environment. All the government, know how to do is take money from the Masses to take care of their responsibilities.”

Oscar, Theatre Arts

“I am a graduate but I have grievances. It is so appalling that the total fees I paid from my first year to my final year and more is what these students will pay for each session now…These increase is inhumane and it is really pushing students to do anything to get their school fees paid! Aside from the big library that is still under construction,the school still remains as it is,no new thing about it.”

Abiola Adekogbe, Music Graduate.

“I think the government should just consider the fact that a lot of youth nowadays are the ones sponsoring themselves.They should please bring down the fee.”

Anonymous, Theatre Arts 400l

“Well to start with, Governor Fashola came to our school and in his speech, he said and I quote..”Education is not for the poor people”..And I believe the Lagos state government does not want education for the poor. I can tell you that Lasu Is not worth paying such outrageous amount for; Everything about the school is crazy. Academically, LASU is good but there are no good roads in the school, no conducive learning enviroment…and for the practical students like theatre arts and the likes, no equipments.”

Anonymous Female Lecturer

“I will say that I agree that the initial money being paid by the students that was 25,000 was ridiculously low but I consider the new fee regime outrageously high as well. The fact is that reality demands a school fee increase but not to the extent we are having it now. We lecturers look at the bigger picture. We might still get our salaries at the end of the day not necessarily as at when due because we are on strike but when we resume and that’s a lot of discomfort for us too. We should also bear in mind that we have lecturers who have children in the school and some of us are running or hoping to run post graduate courses in the school, so we are as affected as the students. We cannot fight physically with the government we are using the only weapon we have. it is just sad we have a management and government that waits for crisis to arise before doing anything otherwise the issues at stake- fees and staff welfare- should have been resolved during the national strike.”

Nurudeen, Yusuf Temilola, Law 400l (SUG President)

“The fee hike is barbaric, it is also against the progress and development of education in the nation. We have had series of actions but we couldn’t get results but we are optimistic of achieving results; We are bent on the fact that the fee must be reduced!We strongly frown at students dropping out of school due to the fee hike; We don’t want it anymore!

If education is not for the poor, as the State Governor allegedly said, does it mean education is for the fools? Because only a fool will pay such an amount of money as his/her ward(s)’s school fees in a public university where necessary learning equipments are not available,cultism is prevalent, frequent strike actions that make the academic calendar to be inconsistent and many more!

Surprisingly, fifteen members of the current Lagos state House of Assembly graduated from Lagos State University….are they saying they do not know what is happening presently in their alma mata? Is it that they don’t have the power to reduce these fees that have no justifiable back up?

It is a shame on the entire Lagos State Government to have allowed themselves to be this gullible. If the school functioned well with a fee of #25,000 before now, what is the need for the outrageous new amount? Aside from the big library that is under construction, what else does the state government have as an argument? Field trip? has anyone of the students gone on any before? Basic equipments for learning? Can the students boast of that?

Dear State Governor, we shall not be deceived! We shall also not be fooled! You were part of the generation that enjoyed an “almost free” if not totally free, education.Why is there need for denying younger generations what you enjoyed while you were young? Please sir,do the needful and let these future of ours go back to school.

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