Davido’s Ex Releases Very Hot and Tempting Photos


A lot of you might know her simply as Davido’s ex girlfriend, but her real name is actually — Nish Kards.

The pretty Ghanaian hottie with a very banging body is now the new internet rave of the moment, flaunting her assets on all platforms.

She dated the Afro-Pop star between 2012 and early last year.

See photos below: –


See more photos below…







  1. Wait oo why ar u ppl advicein davido? Did u here dat he is complnin? Na wa oo, dey said his ex, at list she is usin his name 2 wnt 2 becum a star, see if she like mak she pull nicked, davido will jst hiss, wen he knws dat da enjoymnt was jst 4 a while, he can get another her in 1 second, so she wnts 2 get anothr davido buy doin dis cus some strs will strt lokin 2 her, atlist 2 test,!! She is da test michnes

  2. Why is she posting such pictures…….does she want davido back this much?? She’s flauting her boobs like she wants him to see “what he is missing”…..it dosnt make sence

  3. That is no real breast implants that is all may be reason Davido quits.because we nigerians like it reall.check out our mothers of old.Africa. Is blessed why implants

  4. Dats wot u stars want,still luv u no mater what Davido,U don’t always luv d poor,so u keep breaking ups.jst b diffrent david.do sumtin diffrent 4rm other stars u r rich already bring sumone 4 ground u r stepping n u wil find happiness


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