Brazil 2014: Can The Eagles Bring The Trophy Home?

Since the opening match of the 2014 world cup which saw Brazil beating Croatia hands down even with the own goal, and Netherlands unbelievably wiping Spain’s butts with the 5-1 goals, different opinions, comments and reactions have been trailing the possibilities of our beloved Super Eagles bringing the World Cup home.


From the inception of the 2014 World Cup, the Eagles have received various moral support from many. While our president, Goodluck Jonathan encouraged them to bring the trophy home, the Senate president, David Mark has also charged the Super Eagles to operate with the “never-say-die” spirit typical of a Nigerian and go on to win the 2014 coveted World Cup in Brazil.

The head coach of the Eagles has told Nigerians not to use the friendlies to judge the performance of the Eagles as they have reserved all their energies for the main match and not mere friendlies.The most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Anna Banner has also shown support for the Super Eagles in her own little way while Mercy Ajisafe, an OAP, popularly known as omo London went ahead to strip down just to tease our Super Eagles to victory.

With these encouragements and more, Nigerians are still of the opinion that mixing up of home-based players with foreign ones at this last minute, not minding whether they blend well or not might be a huge mistake. Many young Nigerians think it is going to be a magic for the Super Eagles to bring the trophy home.

Some of these young football lovers were questioned by the team on the possibility of the Super Eagles returning home with the cup. See their reactions below;

Mayowa Oduniyi

It is impossible for Nigeria to bring the 2014 World cup home. I am a christian and I know with God, nothing is impossible but this is football, you cannot use faith at all.

Sanni Taofeek Oladimeji

Nigerians should better wake up.That Super Eagles will bring the 2014 trophy home is future impossible tense.You are not even praying for them to get to the next round, you are talking about them bringing the trophy home.


It is pretty simple. Accurate preparation helps success. We all saw the matches so far…Do you think the Super Eagles are that prepared? We should not deceive ourselves with being sentimental. For Nigeria to win the game, it will be a great miracle.

If someone has had huge and a floating expectation from the Eagles..with the above reactions and comments, it is sure the expectations will be deflated by now.

Do you have a different opinion from the above, or do you completely agree? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

– by Odunayo Adams


  1. Well, with my xperienced in SE matches, i believe they can excel in this w/cup. But only they ll develope a winning spirit and play their ball as people who know reason of being in Brazil. #winning is what i want.

  2. Football is not a magic but a miracle. No one who have taught that the Netherlands would beat Spain 5 goals to 1, and no one ever taught France was going to get to the finals in 2006…so I believe with Determination, Dedication and Discipline, Nigeria will bring the Glory home.


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