Blame Northern Religious Institutions For Boko Haram Insurgency, Not Jonathan – CAN

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Ughelli North Local Government Area chapter, Delta State, has told the Sultan of Sokoto to blame the Boko Haram insurgency on religious institutions in the North and not the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The Sultan had reportedly said that Boko Haram was an offshoot of the injustice meted on the North by the President Jonathan administration.

In a statement by its Chairman, Rt. Rev Diamond Emuobor, at the end of its quarterly meeting, the CAN chapter said: “The debacle of Boko Haram insurgency is wrapped in a Jihadist designation, but deceitfully tagged as a political misrule agitation.

“The Sultan of Sokoto’s address at the national prayer event recently said that Boko Haram is an offshoot of the injustice meted on the North by Goodluck Jonathan’s six years administration.

“When at independence, the North had nine secondary schools compared to the 109 in the South, was the Jonathan administration to blame? What can six years administration do in a nation, compared to the 38 years of Northern element’s seizure of the Nigerian state? Blame the religious institutions of the North, and not the Nigeria state as more northerners have held leadership position in the country than any other region. Could the Almajiris, who are the offshoot of lslamic religion be said to have emanated from the six years administration of Goodluck Jonathan?” the chapter asked.


  1. Please tell my people the gospel truth. Only we can solve our problems ourself, GEJ has no blame in this. Only stupid and greedy leaders with religious bigots should be blame.

  2. GEJ is to blame for the incessant killings of innocent Nigerians by Boko haram, Ombatse nd other cult groups, MEND etc. This is because of his gross ineptitude in handling sensitive matters likr that of security. Oga Jona should step down to allow for capable hands to handle Nigeria.

  3. The must stupid and useless organisation in this country is the CAN,who suffers must in the hands of this monsters?The muslims or christians?Why can‘t you for once tell the truth?Stupid people,what these people always is do imflamation,how many muslims have the boko monters killed?Don‘t worry,GOD ALMIGHTY is watching,you think christianity is GOD‘S religion,don‘t you?Well,you‘ll forever be decieved,stupid animals,use reason for once please and tell the truth cos someday you‘ll regret ever being born,Jesus(peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him)is not GOD,not son of GOD but HIS messenger,and among the five must honored messengers,he(Jesus)has never ever asked anybody to him but GOD,be adviced my fellow christians,seek the truth before it‘s too late cos he(Jesus)will surely deny your worship of him on the day of resurrection,be adviced!!!

  4. It is insane to blame any institution apart from government it self as an institution of governance.
    The first contract between people and the goverment is protection and its constitutionaly.
    The northerners that rule the country that CAN cited all are far and non compareble to jonathan.
    The Buhari regime is able to crush the metastine in kano, the Abacha Regime is also able to stablise the crisses in Niger Delta by executing the top cult members that lead to crises and uprisings,
    Yaradua is able to grant amnesty to the militants in niger delta and even creates a ministry for the development of the region. Apart from the northers, Obasanjo is able to stablise peace in both kaduna and plateau state which leads to the removal of joshua dariye from office just to maitain peace.
    Let CAN remember that there is no institution that takes security measures of the nation in its hands if the sultan is to be blame for Boko haram, the CAN should equaly be blame for the crises in jos, the crisses in the Niger Delta.
    If CAN accuses the sultan for not taking measures on the insurgent, they are serving their selfish interest and support an incapacitated person to continue to rule while the forget he is the no1 security officer of the land and muslims are the casulties of the boko haram attacks.
    Finally this shows their ignorance in public and are trying to continue dividing the country base on religious basis.
    If jonathan cannot handle the country and do his job, let him resign in the interest of the nation.

  5. Is CAN actually a religious body or a political body? CAN is the major problem of Nigeria. It is insincere, political, sentimental, corrupt, ungodly and evil promoter.


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