Actress/Magician Nike Peller Reveals The Success of Her Marriage

In a recent interview with Late Professor Peller’s daughter and actress turned magician, Nike Peller has revealed she has been married for 12 years and why her marriage is still intact.

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You have not been flaunting your husband since you got married years back, does that suggest that things are no longer working fine between the two of you?

Not flaunting my husband does not mean we’re no longer together or there is crack in my marriage.  My husband doesn’t like publicity.  He is not an entertainer like me, maybe that’s what keeps our marriage till date.  He doesn’t like noise.  And I believe you know that a lot of noise in some marriages within and outside the industry has wrecked them.  There is no crack in my home and I thank God for that.

How many years have you been in marriage?

We have been married for 12 years.

What would you say has been working for the success of the union apart from not making noise about it?

A lot of things.  But I give God all the glory.  Almighty Allah has always been there for us.  And I strongly believe that He will continue to be there for us.

Is your husband or his family not giving you problem because you’re yet to give him a child?

There is nothing like that.  My husband is a believer, and he doesn’t reason in that way.


  1. May almighty Allah in His infinite mercies provide for you and all “expectants” blessed child(ren) soonest, Ma sha Allah.

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