Actress Christabel Egbenya: ‘Nigerian Men Don’t Respect Their Women’

Nollywood Actress, Christabel Egbenya says Nigerian men feel money is everything there is to make a lady happy. In a recent interview, the actress said:

“I don’t think they are good lovers. Most of them don’t take women very serious and they don’t respect women. Just few of them have feelings and respect for their women. Most feel money is everything there is, to make a lady happy. To  me, money is not everything. Real men don’t buy their women over with money” .


  1. God did not say that men should respect women rather He said that a man should love his wife & the woman should respect the husband in all things. Love is something in the mind (spiritual) while respect is shown outwardly or practical (physical). So do not turn the world upside down by expecting men to respect you.


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