5 Rules to Flaunt a Short Dress

Yes, like all other styles of outfits, short dresses too come with the instructions list, and one ignored point can ruin the whole look. So to avoid making any fashion blunders, we have for you a simple list of things to keep in mind before you wear your favourite one piece dress.

1. Grooming – an absolute must

If you are a fan of short dresses, then the most important thing is to groom your legs regularly. Legs are the focal point when it comes to short dresses. Apart from exercising regularly to get that amazing toned look, do make sure that you keep your legs clean. Regular waxing, pedicure and foot massages give a smooth look. Remember to moisturise your legs well before stepping out; it gives a healthy sheen to the skin.

2. Comforts and confidence

Pulling the dress or adjusting it every now and then shows that you are very uncomfortable with what you are wearing. So, wear something in which you feel relaxed. After all, fashion is all about being comfortable in what you wear. If you are worried about the exposed legs, then you can wear stockings or tights. You can also opt for shapewear to hide your belly fat. If you feel comfortable, you will be able to carry it confidently, and look even better.

3. Your body type

Do not get too excited at a glance of a pretty dress and buy it just because it looks nice. Always try it on before you buy it. There are varieties of cuts and patterns, like strapless, halter-neck, A-line, bodycon, empire line, etc., many of which do not suit all body types. Or you might not be too comfortable in a particular pattern. Just make sure you pick a pattern that flatters your body type.

4. The right foot wear

Pairing your outfit with right footwear is as important as choosing the outfit! High heels are usually the preferred choice of most girls when it comes to short dresses, as they give a leaner look. You can choose stilettos, pumps or wedges, depending on what you are most comfortable wearing. But don’t rule out flats! Flat slip-ons and pumps also look great with dresses, especially the floral and more casual ones.

5. The right length

The meaning of “short” can differ from person to person. If you are confused about the correct length, just follow a simple rule to be on the safer side. Pick the length that is below your fingertips when you place your arm on the sides. Anything shorter than that might get a little uncomfortable. But again, it depends on how well you can pull-off dresses and how comfortable you are in them.
Play with your makeup and accessories to match your dress well, and we are sure you will turn many heads


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