You Girls Are All Ugly Cows – Nigerian Transgender, Miss Sahhara

Nigerian Transgender Miss Sahhara has spoken out after getting abused yesterday by Nigerians.


She went on her facebook and decided to air out her views on those she tagged her haters.

She described these individuals as having boring life and can’t come close to what she has achieved in life physically.

She also denied reports that she got her body shape through plastic surgery , she said it was through hard and smart work, understanding her body.

See her post below.



  1. I really feel sorry for you… Certain things were not made to be changed, but improved upon. If u like give birth to kids. U still remain a man, dts y unfortunately even this blog calls u a transgender. This goes to show u dt u cannot deceive anyone, not even urself. U need to work on ur self esteem coz it is very obvious dt u have none… I really feel sorry for u though

  2. I understand you “Miss Sahhara”. What you know and like not to believe is that Nigerians are very spiritual people–We believe in the existence of God Almighty, the Creator of the Worlds. This, no one can change–not the demon possessed, not the oppressors who try to change the world, and certainly, not Sahhara. Miss Sahhara don’t have to be a Nigerian if she thinks Nigerians are ugly. In Europe, Thailand, the United States of America, she may be living in a world of her own, since these country do not believe in the Omnipotent God, even though they pretend to. Homosexuality (transsexualism, gay, same-sex marriage or whatever other seeming rosy name they must have coined for them), is singled out as the sin that made God to destroy Soddom and Ghomorrah. Sahhara must have read or heard about it so many times that it becomes boring and desensitization has taken place. This is true story. Since she enjoy speaking about right, Yes, he-she has the right to be an asshole, he-she has the right to choose hell over heaven; but not in Nigeria. We just do not accept this. He-she can continue to be whatever she likes in Europe, but in her transsexual competition, “Miss Sahhara” should represent the country that accepts her-him; the country he-she loves so much; the country whose girls are not ugly cows.
    Nigerians celebrate their own only when they excel in morally accepted and Godly activities. There are armed robbers and pen robbers who are Nigerians. They are never celebrated; they do not proudly present themselves to the world as Nigerian robbers, within or outside Nigeria. Nigerians still comment about you, because they still love you as a son in spite of what you have done. Nonetheless, Nigerians don’t want you to come back, because you a bad influence, and you are unrepentant. Enjoy your new status while it lasts. But we pray that the Spirit of the Most High will touch you, so that we have another heaven bound Nigerian


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