Wole Soyinka On Abducted Girls: “Jonathan Has No Excuse As A President”

As the mystery and controversy surrounding the missing girls continues to baffle everyone, Nobel laureate — Wole Soyinka was invited to CNN where he spoke to Amanpour on the kidnapped of the Chibok school girls and here is part of what he said;
“This is a government which is not only in denial mentally, but in denial about certain obvious steps to take.”
“It’s one of those rather child-like situations that if you shut your eyes, if you don’t exhibit the tactile evidence of the missing humanity here, that somehow the problem will go away.”
It is not just “a Nigerian problem. I’m calling for the international community, the United Nations – this is a problem. This is a global problem.

And a foothold is being very deeply entrenched in West Africa.” Soyinka said.

When Amanpour asked Soyinka if he believes Jonathan is in denial, Soyinka said;
“It’s not only he. It’s the advisers around him. It’s a certain section of the nation, some of whom enjoy for various reasons a nation in a state of chaos. They profit by it, and in fact some of them are guilty of provoking the situation.”
“The person who has no excuse is the president of the nation.”
He also referred to Shekau’s video as a “charade” and “gleeful obscenity.”


  1. How on earth would a reasonable person abduct secondary school children. if the so called boko haram are men enough they should show there faces. Peter Odili supported and sponsored the militants and it later became a problem even to his government, some of the northern leaders are doing same thing and it will be a problem to them in the future. I dey look

  2. It is d nothern leaders dat are behind dis cruel situatn,it has gone out of hand now,they laying d blame on d president,a child dat disobeyed his parent wl surel suffer in future.let us coexist wit love


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