Unlucky In Love? 6 Rules for Creating a Joyful Relationship

images (8)When women get together, we chat about work, our weight, even the weather. But the real conversation topper and stopper is that four-letter word we are literally talking about from the time we can spell it: Love!  How to get it and maintain it.

So if you’re single and really want to build a healthy relationship with the right one, Knowmore TV’s clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg says, ‘think of a good love life, like a good recipe: you need a combination of key ingredients in precise amounts.’

Step 1: Get in the right state of mind. This means improving your personal attitude toward love and life, which usually starts with having self-compassion and self-love. The energy you put out will be reflected back and you want to attract partners with good energy, right? If you’re feeling positive about yourself and about love, then you’re ready for

Step 2Put yourself out there. Go to places where you can meet people with similar interests. But also consider getting involved in new activities where you may meet a whole other group of people. The more choices you have, the more likely you’ll be dating from a better and larger pool.

Step 3: Try to date outside your usual type. You may discover that you really like someone who doesn’t meet the characteristics you typically pick.

Step 4: Know when to fold ‘em. If you’ve been on a few dates with someone and you’re not feeling it, then don’t hesitate to end things. There’s no sense spending time with someone when it’s not working for you. Invest in relationships that make you feel good.

Step 5: Resist the urge to become obsessive or needy. This is a definite turn-off. For instance, holding off on making plans while hoping you’ll hear from him, means you’re putting your life on pause—this doesn’t serve either of you. And while we hate to admit it, dating is still a bit of a game and everyone likes a little challenge.


Step 6: Enjoy yourself. When you and that special someone are smitten, just go with it. Have fun getting to know each other, and worry less about wondering: Where will this go? And: Is he really right for me? Remember, the right relationship will bring you joy, not stress.


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