Two big explosions rock Jos, many killed


Two big explosions this afternoon ripped through the market located at Jos Terminus behind the popular Ahmadu Bello way in Jos, Plateau state. 

Details are sketchy at the moment and the number of casualty is unknown but eye-witnesses are tweeting pics from the scene. Details later. See more pics after the cut…

Update: The first explosion occurred at 2.30pm, the second one 30 minutes later, killing scores. The first explosion reportedly went off in a Sienna Space bus, but didn’t kill many people but the second one, which occurred as people came back to rescue the injured from the first explosion, recorded a high number of casualty. Men of the Fire Service, NEMA and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps are currently at the scene helping with rescue efforts.





  1. ooh my God what is really happening in this country wait like seriously do Muslim want to really take over? I don’t think that will be possible all this evil doings are they really doing all this in the name of Allah or there own Allah is different from the God we all no God prove to ur children that all this is not for u fight for your children we don’t have who to run to accept u please come to ur aid and rescue this perishing country Nigeria.

  2. What type of country is this ? what type of inhumanity is this? What type of government do we have ? If something more serious is not done as this blood suckers are still spreading, i presume that war might hit this country.

  3. Dear God,maker of heaven and hearth,pls,use the blood of innocent,struggling Nigerians of about 7000,that have been killed so far by these animals to aveng their generations,their children and childrens children.Amen.pls,hear our cry in this nation

  4. I think this is enough signal that Nigeria should go back to the origin before the amalgamation. What name should we call this for God sake!

  5. The senseless killing of innocent souls by this barbaric Islamists is a pointer that there is no light but gross darkness in the so- called religion. God will surely visit the evil perpetrators with fiery judgment!

  6. It is becoming fashionable to kill people without any form of provocation.Every thinking that suggest that this will show government lack of commitment to security is questioning of God’s patience.Everyone should be rest assured that God will soon interven and give a just judgement.

  7. Gov need to recrute more security to defend us frm those that fight for their friend send dis maseg and stop dectatin dat i hav send it

  8. My God! Nigerians have so soon forgotten about the Mai-tasine in those days. I put it before you, Nigerians! That boko-haram is the part 2 of re-enforced mai-tasine! I realy pity those naive and narrow minded people calling boko-haram, as islamic sect, just to show their diatribe for islam. Such people should have a rethink. Mai-tasine is a cult, and if you don’t know, i’ll tell you that they still exist. And they have come with a brand name BOKO-HARAM. A cult deadlier than the lucifer himself.


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