Tunde Bakare Asks Jonathan To Deal With Niger, Chad, Cameroon

The Serving Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, urged President Goodluck Jonathan to deal with Niger, Chad and Cameroon for alleged complicity in trafficking of GGSS Chibok abducted female students to their respective territories.


The pastor made the call during the church service in Lagos on May 4, 2014, Sunday. He said the mentioned countries have to be punished for missing the fact of movement of hundreds of kidnapped girls across their borders.

“… Somebody needs to tell President Goodluck Jonathan, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, that protests and marching the streets will not free the girls.

“What will free the girls is action and the resolve to do the right thing. He needs to take action against the countries that have been aiding the sect in transporting the girls across their borders and marrying them.

“We are not just the biggest nation in West Africa on paper; we need to show it by taking action against Niger, Chad and Cameroon,” the pastor declared.

He further recommended Jonathan to summon the ambassadors of the three countries and to issue an ultimatum to them. Bakare mentioned that passive position of the neighbouring countries puts the national security of Nigeria at risk. Therefore, if Niger, Chad and Cameroon do nothing, “we shall storm those places”.

The pastor also reminded that when the United States marked Osama Bin Laden as a terror leader to be taken out, they actually did it by invading the territory of an independent state, Pakistan.

Do you agree Nigeria has the right to hunt down Shekau, other terrorists by invading the neighbouring territories?


  1. I got the full gist b4 being published,he didn’t use the word”invade”,he said,given the intended street match by the mr president’s wife that the issue on ground requires more than street match.He further said that mr president needs to use his office as the commander in. Chief of arm forces to send a warning signal to these countries as stated,aiding the passage of our daughters through their borders n giving them ultumatum.


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