Questionable Parenting: Suspected Burglars Flee In Car With Their Kids


Two parents are behind bars after authorities say they took their five young children with them as they engaged in a high-speed chase with police.

The Boston Herald reports that cops were called to a Woburn, Massachusetts home on Friday to investigate a possible burglary.

They allegedly found 39-year-old Ralph Pasquarello inside. He managed to evade police and climb inside his family’s SUV. Investigators said his wife, Salina Pasquarello, 26, then lead authorities on a chase that reached speeds up to 75 mph.

When the SUV was penned in by police and forced to pull over, cops say they found the couple’s five children, all younger than 7 years old, in the vehicle.

“This is a deeply disturbing case that we allege involves a husband and wife committing felonies, with the wife driving a getaway car packed with their young children,” Woburn Police Chief Robert J. Ferullo Jr. said in a news release obtained by WBZ. “These suspects clearly showed reckless disregard for the well being of their children, especially as the mother sped away from police and nearly crashed into several cars before she was caught. This day could have ended much, much worse, and we are just grateful that these children were not injured.”

The Boston Globe reports that the couple’s children have been taken into state custody.

The Pasquarellos were charged with felony breaking and entering into a building during the daytime, larceny, theft, five counts each of child endangerment with risk of serious bodily injury, and failure to stop for police.


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