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Nyanya Blast: APC Asks Pres. Jonathan To Lead Instead Of Shifting Blames



The All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as cowardly and incomprehensible Thursday’s repeated bombing at Nyanya in Abuja, saying nothing in the world can justify the mindless, senseless and barbaric killing of innocent people by a group of demented people masquerading as ideologues.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party also said the fact that the dead-enders can bomb the same area twice in as many weeks has given a fillip to the widening call on President Goodluck Jonathan to provide much-needed leadership instead of shifting blames.

”That almost the same spot can be bombed twice in close proximity is the height of devilish audacity by those who perpetrated the evil act. But it is also a poke in the eye for the authorities, considering the closeness of the scene to the seat of power.

”If these insurgents are gaining in strength and audacity, it is because President Jonathan has allowed them through failure of leadership. If these insurgents are back in Abuja after almost three years of their last attack in the city, it is because they have seen a soft target in a President who has failed to lead,” it said.

The APC said the time has come for the President and Commander-in-Chief to earn his epaulet by providing purposeful leadership at such a critical juncture in the history of the nation, rather than quietly egging on those who stupidly believe these insurgents are being sponsored by the opposition and some other ill-defined people to discredit the government.

”It has been argued in certain quarters that the resurgent attacks and the shameless abduction of the over 200 school girls are aimed at discrediting the Jonathan Administration, especially ahead of this week’s World Economic Forum on Africa. What these evil theorists have forgotten, conveniently, is that the activities of the insurgents tar every Nigerian, whether in the ruling or opposition party, with same brush and that no Nigerian, ultimately, benefits from these barbarous insurgency.

”Therefore, Mr. President, rise above the fray and seize this moment in history to assert your leadership and stop whinging about this insurgency.

The buck stops on your desk, so stop pushing it to other people. If indeed you believe in the lies being peddled by your genuflecting and capricious party officials that the opposition is behind these attacks, what prevents you from ordering the arrest and prosecution of these sponsors if you have concrete evidence of their involvement?

”In any case, how did these tales-by-the-moonlight sponsorship allegations prevent your government from frontally tackling this all-consuming insurgency? Does the head of a household refuse to put off a fire set on his roof because some arsonists are behind it? Mr. President, this is your battle to win or lose, and you are the one history will judge over the outcome, not those self-serving members of your party,” the APC said.

Meanwhile, the party says the government has made a laughing stock of itself by setting up a fact-finding committee on the missing girls some clear 17 days after the girls were abducted.

”That this government waited for all of over two weeks after the girls went missing before deciding to set up this committee has shown why it has not made much progress in tackling this insurgency. This action is akin to shutting the pen after the chicken has bolted.

”Why did it take this long for the President to act on an issue that has attracted the attention and concern of the global community? What ‘fact’ can any committee find now that the girls are reported to have been ‘married’ by their abductors and taken to several locations? Should we be engaging in fact-finding now or be pursuing the abductors of the girls? Is this not another instance of the governance-by-committees that this President has engaged in, to no positive outcome? What kind of father is that who will wait for 17 days after his daughter has gone missing before seeking information on how it happened?” it queried.

The APC called on President Jonathan to shake off his lethargy and head to Chibok immediately to provide support and succour to the families of the girls, and then declare a nationwide emergency until the girls are safely reunited with their families. [Vanguard]

Metro News

Amotekun: Oyo Releases List Of Successful Applicants



Amotekun: Oyo Releases List Of Successful Applicants
Amotekun: Oyo releases list of successful applicants

Amotekun Operation vehicles

The Oyo State Government has released the list of successful applicants for Amotekun Corps in the State.

The process of documentation for successful applicants is billed to commence on Tuesday at the Emmanuel Alayande College of Education.

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This was contained in a statement made available by the State Commandant of the Amotekun Corps, Colonel Olayinka Olayanju on Saturday.

He indicated that all candidates are to check their names at their various local government headquarters or online through the Oyo State job portal.


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Zamfara Governor Commiserates With Victims Of Bandit Attack



Zamfara Governor Commiserates With Victims Of Bandit Attack
Zamfara Governor Commiserates With Victims Of Bandit Attack

Bello Matawalle

Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle has commiserated with families of victims of the attack on citizens of Gidan Goga community by armed bandits.

The Governor assured that what is happening in terms of banditry attacks is not a security lapse but a momentary hiccup that will not be allowed to last.

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He said the attack further exposed the desperation of the bandits who are experiencing heavy pressure from the offensive launched by security operatives in recent times.

“I want to assure our law obedient citizens of Zamfara State that the experience we are undergoing will not last. The bandits are experiencing our sustained pressure which they have reacted through cowardly and desperate attacks on innocent citizens,” Matawalle observed.

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First celebrity Limited Edition Smartphone in Sub Sahara Africa: Davido Special Edition of Infinix NOTE 8



Over the last few weeks, Infinix has floated its candy before the eyes of tech enthusiast intensifying their craving for the soon to be released device. Through several social media posts, Infinix has hinted on the imminent release of the NOTE 8 and we all can’t wait for the device to hit the shelves.

Although the proposed date for the launch in its initial teaser videos and banners have passed without
any launch, we have reasons to believe that the launch will take place sometimes this month.

However, here’s a more interesting news. Infinix is set to be the first smart phone company in sub Sahara Africa to launch a limited edition device with a celebrity. A special edition of the NOTE 8 will be released alongside the primal version of the NOTE 8 and the NOTE 8i. The special edition is  signed by Infinix’s brand ambassador David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido.

The available stock for the special Davido-signed edition is limited. However, interested shoppers can
get one for themselves at exclusive SLOT outlets nationwide and on their website Here. Exciting free
gifts are also available if you’re among the lucky few to buy this device while stocks last.

The Infinix NOTE 8 is targeted at the mid-to-high-end market segment and it comes with several
interesting features. The device on-boards a super-fast processor – the MediaTek Helio G80
processor, which supports ultra-fast gaming speed, stable graphics in-game, easy multi-tasking as
well as an all-round optimal performance.

The device also sports six cameras in total. It comes with a dual selfie camera which is cut out from its
super-wide 6.95inches screen. On the back, the NOTE 8 crams a 64MP super night shot camera for
amazing night shot photographs and other photography needs.

Many of Infinix loyalists and smartphone enthusiasts are already clearing their carts and lining up in
preparation for the launch of the Infinix NOTE 8. Now that there’s a special Davido edition in sight, the
queue might just be doubling up.

To stay ahead of interested shoppers and ensure that you’re one of the first to get your hands on this
special edition of the NOTE 8, follow Infinix on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @Infinixnigeria.

You can also join their community of young and vibrant fans on XClub via the app on your Infinix
device or click on this link to download the app if you’re a non Infinix user.

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