Nigeria’s Economy Is Suitable For Investment – Dangote

Richest man in Africa according to Forbes, Aliko Dangote, has said that the Nigeria economy was more than suitable for investment.


He made this known while addressing news men at the just concluded World Economic Forum, which held in Abuja.

According to Dangote, Nigeria has an enabling environment that should encourage investment, pointing out that the business policies set up in the country over the past years are consistent and can support the success of any serious persons looking to make investments in the economy.

He said “We do not have policy inconsistencies anymore. If we have policy inconsistencies we will be the first to run away.

“So, I assure you that there are no policy inconsistencies now. But definitely once there is, people will run away, he said.

Dangote also noted that the high population of Nigeria was more than an enabling factor for investments, especially when combined with the governement’s supporting business policies.

He called on investors from withing and outside the country to feel free to tap from Nigeria’s great economy by making investments, especially in the agricultural sector, stating that such investments were guaranteed to generate more than 20 percent of their investment as returns.

He also stated that he had personally invested over four billion dollars in the Nigerian economy over the last two years, and an additional 2.3 billion dollars on rice and sugarcane.

Dangote also pointed out that Africa’s economy is currently one that every investor all over the world wants to tap into, adding that Nigeria’s economy was on the daily rise as is expected of a growing economy.

Nigeria was recently declared Africa’s richest economy, crowning it number one with a re-based GDP that set it above every other African country in the world.


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